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Changes to the UK French Bulldog Standard

Dog World Magazine in the UK has leaked the news that the Kennel Club has released revised standards to the breed clubs where such revisions were deemed necessary.

For French Bulldogs, changes are to be made to:

French Bulldog: Characteristics, head, eyes, ears, neck, body, hindquarters, tail.

This doesn’t really tell us much about just what, exactly, is being changed (other than almost everything, from the looks of this list). Where in all of this will we see suggestions to improve genetic health? Is there going to be a statement to judges to push them to choose only French Bulldogs with exemplary breathing? We really have no way of knowing, until an actual copy of the revised standard is released to the public.

You can see the full list plus comments here.

Our showing year is over for the moment – the weather in Ontario is notoriously bad in January and February, and our entries will be low. We’ll be heading back out in March, when the kids will also be old enough to hit the show ring. Puppies to show! What fun. I never expect my babies to do much, other than to have fun and be as adorable as possible. It’s mainly about getting them socialized and acclimated to the ring, as opposed to really winning anything.

Plus, hello? Itty bitty baby Frenchie puppies waddling around the ring? It doesn’t get much cuter than that. Speaking of cute, here are some photos of Ms. Heart, hanging out with our friend Kelly’s big Bullmastiff boy, Winston. Small, but mighty adorable is our little Miss…

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  1. Emily~ DreamEyce
    Emily~ DreamEyce says:

    I’m holding my breath on all these rash standard changes in the UK. It could be really good for dogs, or very bad.

    I’m curious what they are saying about “color” in Aussies though. I’m not an Aussie person, but have shown them, and love them. As a Cardi person, I’m wondering why more focus is put on Aussies than Cardis (Yet thankful my breed isn’t being messed with much!)

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