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Oh, those ever so unhealthy Frenchies…

Gunny the Agility French Bulldog

Common knowledge says that ALL French Bulldogs drop dead of something or other by the age of five. Those that don’t are relegated to a life of riding around in mobility scooters or needing ramps to get up and down off of curbs.

Someone forgot to tell that to Gunny – Bullmarket Spirit Shogun Dragon – who, at age eleven and change, is still competing in and winning agility trials with his owner Andrea Morden Moore.

By the way, Gunny is out of a repeat of Tessa’s litter – in other words, same mom and dad, just born at different times.

Isn’t it nice when the stuff that ‘everyone knows‘ turns out to be something that not everyone listens to?

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  1. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    That is sooo awesome!!!!!!!!! Something to aspire to. Rumble starts his obedience classes next week.

  2. Susan
    Susan says:

    Wow. I didn’t know Frenchies could FLY!
    Bacon watched the slideshow and video with me, and he was exhausted. He settled in for his seventh nap of the day. Is there competitive eating?

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      It’s not news for us – Gunny’s sister is almost fifteen. His grandmother lived to almost 18, and his grandfather to 19. The news is that it *is* possible to breed Frenchies that live long, happy lives, although there’s a distinct possibility that we’ll have to give up some of what makes them ‘show ring’ contenders to do so – although not, as you can tell from Gunny, agility or obedience ring contenders.

      BTW, it’s news for a dog of any breed to still be competing and winning agility trials at eleven..

  3. Emily~ DreamEyce
    Emily~ DreamEyce says:

    Great job! I love seeing breeders break stereo-types, for the good! (Of should I say, GRAND!)

    I got to meet the Great-Grandmother of my Cardi girl, who is 17 and still spunky. It was beautiful to see her in the parade of title holders at our national specialty. She’s the record-breaking top-winning dog of the breed. Still just as beautiful, as when she was raking in those group, and breed wins (Back when Mystique was showing!)

    Emily~ DreamEyce’s last blog post..Cardi Nationals: Day 2

  4. Ingrid E.
    Ingrid E. says:

    There’s a lovely Frenchie we know named Soren, who competes in Excellent B in AKC agility, and already has more than 20 QQs. They’re working on points right now, but watch out–that MACH will come! He’s an all-around wonderful dog, and he and his handler Deb are a great team. Look for them at agility trials in the NJ/PA/NY area. The little guy certainly does fly!

  5. Michelle H
    Michelle H says:

    Fantastic! As a fellow Frenchie owner & budding agility student, so nice to hear that we all can rise above our supposed destiny! I’m honored to have the company of a 10-month old Frenchie (Brutus), who seems to have a real love & aptitude for agilty.

    I do have a question for you, would love to have you advice, as you obviously have things figured out! How do you handle keeping Gunny comfortable in warmer temps? Knowing how susceptible our beloved companions are to heatstroke, I get wary asking anything athletic from in all temps above 60F. What do you do to keep his body cool & healthy during training and competition? Any suggestions on the many “cold coats” that are sold?

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Michelle & Brutus

  6. Jenny Seeche
    Jenny Seeche says:

    My guy, Oliver, turned 11 years old in December and we still walk hours a day and can stroll up to five miles, plus play time! He keeps up just fine with his baby brother (1.5 year old frenchie, Wilbur) that I got him for his 10th birthday present. Oliver’s father lived to be 16 years old.

    When people use the words, old or geriatric I correct them and tell them that he is sophisticated, mature, or a silver fox.

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