Catching up with our Frenchie Kids: Luke!

Luke says “It’s hard work being this fabulous”.


Since we’ve caught up with the fabulous Mr. Teddy, international super model, I thought it would be only fair to catch up with his equally fabulous half brother, Luke.

Luke, also known as Ch Bullmarket Newhope at SpiritDragon, is owned by Dr. Andrea Morden-Moore, DVM.  Andrea has been busy as a bee getting Luke out and about, and I’m thrilled she took time out from her schedule to write me a quick note about what Luke has been up to.


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Catching up with our Frenchie Kids: Teddy!

Teddy and his ribbons – see it full sized here


I’m doing a series of blog posts on what our various French Bulldog kidlets are up to, from obedience and agility to just plain lounging around being couch potato pets! If you want me to blog about your Bullmarket baby, send me an email with all the details!

Today we’re catching up with Teddy – aka Bullmarket To Catch a Thief!

Teddy lives just outside of Chicago, with his mom, Hope (of Golly Gear fame) and Aunt Fran.

Here’s Hope’s recap of what Teddy has been up to –

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A Memorial for Gunny – Bullmarket Shogun Spirit Dragon

Andrea and Gunny Share a Smile

Andrea and Gunny Share a Smile

Andrea Morden-Moore, Gunny’s mom, has created a beautiful tribute video to his life. I’ve uploaded it onto Blip and converted it for viewing on line.

It is a LARGE file, so it’s only going to be viewable if you’re on highspeed (or are very, very patient). It’s a lovely, touching tribute to a very special dog.

Video after the cut, or on Blip.

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Amazing Flying Frenchies

A recent email exchange on the FrenchBulldog-l mailing list had one overwhelming sentiment – French Bulldogs, at least well made French Bulldogs, are not supposed to be able to do agility. To do agility, your French Bulldog would automatically have to be ten feet long and look like he’s wearing stilts. That’s an interesting sentiment, and it’s also a very common one. Even breeders who’ve been around forever believe that Frenchies can’t – and shouldn’t – do agility. Or, that if your Frenchie is built in a manner that will allow them to do agility, then they’re obviously not going to be conformationally correct enough to compete in the show ring.

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Oh, those ever so unhealthy Frenchies…

Gunny the Agility French Bulldog

Common knowledge says that ALL French Bulldogs drop dead of something or other by the age of five. Those that don’t are relegated to a life of riding around in mobility scooters or needing ramps to get up and down off of curbs.

Someone forgot to tell that to Gunny – Bullmarket Spirit Shogun Dragon – who, at age eleven and change, is still competing in and winning agility trials with his owner Andrea Morden Moore.

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