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OK, so maybe just one more video

Technically, this one could be about Dexter. It just also happens to have Solo in it. Sorry for the music, but between L Word and Clerks 2, I’ve got Jackson 5 on the brain.

If you have issues with the Blip TV Player, this video should be up on my YouTube page later today.

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  1. Border Wars - Christopher
    Border Wars - Christopher says:

    Really nice video quality. How do you maintain that quality of video and still have it load so fast? How nice is your camera, what do you use to process, formats, all that good stuff. I’d like to know how ya do it. If I could get my videos looking nice I’d upload more of them to my blog.

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  2. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    You know, I really think a LOT of it has to do with using the Blip Player, versus using the YouTube player. If you visit this same video on YouTube, the quality is quite a bit less –


    I don’t use anything expensive or fancy. My camera is a Sony Mini DV Handicam, one of their cheapest models. It records on tape, which would be a pain in the ass when traveling, but for dog vids I’m uploading straight onto the computer, who cares?

    I edit with iMovie, which came with my Mac (the older version, which had BETTER features than the new one that comes with iLife 08), but I’ve also used Adobe Premier, which is a TOTAL pain in the ass.

    I export using expert settings, as suggested by Blip —


    The only other thing I do is ALWAYS make sure I’ve got really good lighting. That’s it!

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