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ESPP Fridays – It's one last Solo Video (and some photos)


I don’t have much to write about today – not much that I feel like setting down in print, at any rate. Solo goes home on Sunday, and I know that it’s for the best, and I know that it’s a great home, and I know that part of being a breeder is making the tough decision about winnowing pet from show and placing puppies accordingly.

I know all of that. I just don’t care.

I don’t care about it being logical, or rational, or about the fact that I’m at my ‘dogs I keep just as pets just because I want to even though they’re retired or defective or whatever’ limit. I know all about the dangers of kennel blindness, or the more appealing danger of fooling myself into thinking a dog has ‘potential’, when what I really mean is ‘I just love them, that’s all’. I know.

But after two short months, don’t believe it isn’t possible for us to fall head over heels madly in love with one small puppy. And it isn’t just me, either – Solo has an entire fan club, who’ve supported me when he was sick, and rooted for him as he got well, and enjoyed watching him as he grew up.

Still. When you’ve stayed up nights, nursing a puppy through times when you’re afraid he’s never going to start gaining weight, you’re going to lose your heart. The first time he starts gazing into your eyes while you bottle feed him is when you know you’re in deep trouble. You’ve fallen in love with another puppy, long before it’s logical for you to do so.

Of course, according to the ‘experts’ over at Peta or the HSUS, I’m just in this for the money. I’m cold and heartless and making myself rich off of puppies like this – never mind that my recent math on this litter shows us just under $2K in the hole for it. If you’re a breeder, you’re supposed to see dollar signs instead of puppies, and handing them over should be no problem at all.

Except it is. And I guess I really did have something I wanted to write about, after all.

A new photoset is up on Flickr – random shots of the dogs being crazy nutjobs, with Delilah, Bunny, Dexter, Penelope, Fanny and (of course) Solo all featured. Link here, thumbnails below.

Here’s Solo’s last video, taken two days ago. We’ll miss you, baby boy.

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  1. Caveat
    Caveat says:

    I’m tearing up, thanks a lot. I’m supposed to be a hardass.

    You’ve explained why I’ve never had the guts to breed dogs, even though I have thought about it since childhood.

    Some of them just get to you, probably a lot of them. Sure, you can find good homes but it would be tough to send the little guys out into the world just the same.

    As for making money, that’s pretty funny. I don’t know anybody who breeds who doesn’t end up in the red and who doesn’t have to work at something else, dog or non-dog related, in order to fund their love for producing sound, stable, beautiful dogs.

  2. Fuzzy Logic
    Fuzzy Logic says:

    oh puppy.. we will miss you..

    I can’t imagine how you must be feeling but I can relate a little… from the other side.. Qor was hand raised by her breeder who was going to keep her for show. He eventually had to decide that she had just a little too much roll in her gait (we call her Boom Boom Butt).

    He was only willing to give her to us, because we had so much in common… (well, technically, it was because she was going to a Star Trek Home).

    When we met them to pick her up, he had tears in his eyes.. he had to hurry up and get away from us… it was the first time I saw a grown man cry…

    I’m sure who you have chose for Solo will give him a wonderful home and feel blessed to have him.. I know we feel that way about Qor

    Fuzzy Logic’s last blog post..Chinese Medicine for Dogs on the Today Show

  3. Marie
    Marie says:

    Awww hugs to you. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you. We fostered a frenchie for rescue once and had a hard time saying goodbye to him so I can identify somewhat. Not sure it is quite the same though. You saved little Solo’s life so the investment is totally different. Just keep thinking about how happy his family is going to be to have the little guy.

    Here is a thought someone left me with once that may help: A special life leaves us memories, and memories last forever.

    Marie’s last blog post..Happy Valentines Day!!!

  4. Lynsey
    Lynsey says:

    oh, this kind of made me teary eyed. i mean, as you and i both know solo will have a great home….but still, i’m gonna miss your blog posts on this little man. we all fell in love with him through your stories and videos and i kinda feel like i’m losing the pup too…..though obviously not in the same way you do. keep happy thoughts and make sure solo’s new owners take lots of pictures and continue with videos etc. i still want to see this precious one grow up!

  5. your daughter
    your daughter says:

    Hey blog addict 🙂
    Havn’t talk to you in a bit. Solo and Dexter have gotten so big! I miss them :(. Anyways, it’s been about 6 mnths since you have checked facebook! Get back to me – Love ya!

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