Olive in Ontario wants to come live with you!

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Olive who?
Olive the love you could ever want from one little Frenchie Princess…. and she is now available for adoption!

Olive is a healthy and affectionate royal lady that just wants to spend her days gazing upon her loyal subjects and throw the occasional toy around the palace.

Olive is very devoted to her people, but she also expects that adoration to be returned. As most ladies of the royal court, she likes her home just so. In Olive’s castle, there shall be no running around making loud noises, no children pestering the Frenchies, and one more thing: You must obey the Princess or else prepare to be told about it! It might be possible for Olive to let other dogs share her castle as long as they are submissive and calm. We think that Olive is perfectly suited as an only dog for a quiet home. If your home fits this description, keep reading and submit an application to become one of Olive’s loyal subjects.

Olive is in Ontario, Canada is is now available for adoption via French Bulldog Village.

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