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Peta and HSUS Say "Screw You, OK Pit Bulls"

Those angels over at Bad Rap (and angels they truly are, as so many Pit Bulls can testify) have reported back on their experiences during the recent Oklahoma rescue case (for those of you who’ve been media deprived the past little while, a news clip on the story is available here).

Something jumped out at me when I was reading their report on the events in Oklahoma. In among all those tales of bravery and courage and hard work, this is what caught my eye.


The sheriffs of Kay County were in a bit of shock still after watching dogs drop dead at their feet. Once the perp was in jail, they had the messy problem of deciding what to do with the survivors. Peta encouraged them to kill every last one – natch – while much of the public was crying ‘Murder!’ for headlines that suggested they were going to do just that.

Note this, as well:

This is where we call for disaster relief assistance. Could someone please (please?) bring in quick reinforcements so the dogs could get out of the cold, if only for a short time so they can be evaluated? Messages went out to all the large orgs. The HSUS said “No,” citing a poor economy as their reason for staying home.

Pay attention to those two sections. The two BEST FUNDED, most affluent animal rights groups in the entire world – HSUS and Peta – both refused to help in this case – a case where hundreds of dogs were dying of starvation, exposed to the cold, and in dire need of help.

Remember HSUS, the group that so relentlessly and tirelessly fund raised on the backs of the Vick Pit Bulls?

HSUS decided to stay home, ‘because of the economy’. They said no – no to using some of those millions of dollars they raised, to help the very same kind of dogs that they raised all that money for.

They said “Sorry, our hedge funds took a nose dive. Guess those dogs will just have to starve/freeze/get euthanized by Peta. Screw you, and your sorry ass, no name Pit Bulls. But, hey – give us a call if you get another case involving abused celebrity Pit Bulls”.

Of course, I’m just paraphrasing here. I’m sure HSUS had a really, really excellent reason for telling all of those dogs and the people trying desperately to help them to get f*cked.

Peta’s only contribution to the entire situation was their usual cry of “Kill ’em all!”. For a group that espouses ‘rights for all animals’, they sure are quick to kill off Pit Bulls.  What is it Gina always says? Oh, right.

Why is anyone still listening to Peta?

Year end is upon us, and some of you are thinking about getting in those last minute donations. Can I suggest that you send your money to someone, anyone, other than those wankers at HSUS and Peta?

Send it to Banned Aid. Send it to Bad Rap. Send it to French Bulldog Village. Send it someone, anyone, who will use it to actually help animals, instead of using it produce more pointless, grand standing media circuses that don’t benefit anyone else but themselves.

The rest of the story from Bad Rap is here, and below is their heart breaking slide show of images from the site in Oklahoma. Don’t read the story without tissues, and the photos? The photos will break your heart. If I haven’t mentioned it before, you suck HSUS. You suck so much.

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    How can we spread the word far and wide what a fraud those groups are? They have been so successful in getting the public to believe that they are “saving” animals that the money just pours in. I just shake with fury. Not just for pit bulls, but for all the homeless and castoff which have died because of these groups.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Just keep telling everyone you know. If you know someone in the media, point out the stories you hear to them. Tell everyone you see wearing a Peta t shirt, even if they’re strangers on the street. We have to keep trying, or they win…

  2. JenniferJ
    JenniferJ says:

    I just posted a comment over at PetConnection with part of HSUS’ 22K plus recommendations for San Luis Obispo County.

    The decision to call in HSUS stemmed from an incident in which, because of short hours and stupid, rigid policy, an elderly dog could not be released to it’s owners because it was the weekend dontcha know, and he died.

    SLOC could have save a lot of cash by reading Redemption. And a lot of lives and controversy too. A lot more animal and human lives are due for unpleasant things if SLOC adopts HSUS’ recs, including mandatory and licensed EVERYTHING, expanded police powers for all animal control officers and SLAUGHTER of any and all dogs that may have even heard of dogfighting, PUPPIES are specifically included in that too.

    Read it and weep, I did.

    HSUS reportedly charged SLO County $22,874 for a review of their Animal Services

    Dept. Here are a couple of interesting sections inserted into the report by HSUS

    issued June 2008. The entire report can be found at:



    Page 152 – 154:

    The majority of the ordinances were comprehensive and functional. Through interviews with

    staff, the following ordinances were recommended to be included in all areas of enforcement


    • Mandatory cat licensing/registration

    • Definition of feral cat colonies

    • Definition of prohibited animals

    • Mandatory microchipping

    • Restraint ordinance that requires animals to be behind a secure enclosure

    • Spay/neuter requirement unless the owner has a breeders license


  3. JenniferJ
    JenniferJ says:

    here’s the rest. I am loving the part where HSUS redefines AC laws as “quality of life ” laws

    Animal control laws are really quality of life laws. Communities with good animal control

    ordinances are generally better places to live because they provide good enforcement policies

    and procedures and empower enforcement personnel by giving them the tools they need to

    address the issues. In these places, barking dogs do not disturb the citizens’ quality of life,

    citizens and mail carriers can walk down the streets without fear of being attacked, and

    public places and parks are not soiled with dog feces. Would ordinance changes reduce the

    number of animals coming into the shelter or improve citizens’ quality of life? If so, they

    should be addressed. However, it is important to keep in mind that additional ordinances

    usually have costs associated with them. Lawmakers need to understand that animal control

    laws are a very important part of the makeup of a good community.


    Pg 157 – 158:


  4. Katie
    Katie says:

    Ugh. Peta. Ingrid Newkirk wants to kill all the pit bulls regardless. Why is Peta even part of the story anymore? And the HSUS for all the good they’ve done the breed over the years.

    I am so grateful that we have started to spotlight groups like BadRap who get out there, get down and dirty, make do with what resources they have, and reach out to the communities available to them to help the dogs that they can help. Without the media fuss. Without the drama. Just getting out there and doing it. And to the regular old run of the mill ACOs whose hearts are not yet burnt out beyond repair who are out there doing the dirty work, and who are saving the dogs they can when they can.

    Katie’s last blog post..“Violence begins where knowledge ends.” (Abraham Lincoln)

  5. Susan
    Susan says:

    I’m nauseous already.

    But it is interesting, just by adding a signature line about PETA kills animals to my email messages, I have gotten a number of questions, which have given me the opportunity to answer.

    I also post links to informative sites on my facebook page. I just don’t kid myself that I reach a lot of people.

  6. RHz
    RHz says:

    Sadly, many people don’t know any better. They think they’re doing good by helping these groups out. I’m all for animal welfare, but as long as it’s not up to them.

    I think making people aware is a lot harder than it looks. I meet idiots almost daily that still don’t know what puppy mills are and why you should never purchase a puppy from a pet store.

    RHz’s last blog post..Misfit frog dogs need love, too.

  7. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    I just wanted to let you guys know… the baby in pictures 7&8 is named Chance. He is a wonderful little boy and is living in currently living in Kansas City. He was living with me for a little while, but we were unable to provide the room he needed to roam.
    The sweetheart in numbers 9&10 are my Onyx, well, I guess I shouldn’t say “my” Onyx because he is my foster baby, but in every way, he is currently my baby boy and my girls’ bubba. He loves his new home, and believe it or not, his favorite thing in the whole world is bath time! LOL!
    I am so glad that my husband and I were able to be a part of this whole event. The conditions at that hell hole can never be explained with words or pictures, and of course, there are a couple that won us over that we only wish we could have taken home with us, but you know, one thing we know for sure is that none of those babies will ever be cold, hungry, or scared of that stupid man again.
    Just thought that I would give you and update on a couple of these wonderful creatures.
    Take care!

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