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Richmond BC Bans Pet Store Sales

The city council of Richmond, British Columbia, decided unanimously to ban the sales of puppies and kittens  through pet stores.

As usual, a few vocal pro-commercial breeding proponents objected strenuously to the proposed legislation, saying that a law banning sales of animals in pet stores would lead to a ban on puppies and kittens being sold by responsible breeders. City council, however, heard well balanced testimony that made the point quite clear that no responsible breeder ever sells to pet stores, and that pet store stock comes almost universally from puppy mills and high volume “puppy farms”.

From the Vancouver Sun:

“The City of Richmond showed such leadership being the first in Canada,” said Lorie Chortyk, general manager of community relations for the B.C. SPCA. “We’re really hoping that this is something other municipalities will see as the progressive way to go.”

Councillors voted unanimously for the amendment, initially proposed by Coun. Ken Johnston last year, after hearing from more than a dozen delegations. It will be brought to council for preliminary approval on Oct. 12, followed by public consultation.

Pet-store owners would be given until next spring to sell or remove all dogs.

Chortyk said the decision will help prevent the breeding of puppies in puppy mills, where they are subject to cruel and inhumane conditions.

“Pet stores will always tell you that they only deal with reputable breeders and family-run breeders, but our experience has been just the opposite,” Chortyk said. “Pet Habitat, for instance … get their dogs from the Hunte Corporation, which is a massive puppy broker in the U.S.”

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  1. JackPDB
    JackPDB says:

    Sensible, well-thought-out, highly-targeted legislation; this is absolutely the right way to move forward, and with any luck will become a model for similar legislation in the US.
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    Jack @ PDB
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  2. Shelley Cowie
    Shelley Cowie says:

    I have been saying this for years. I refuse to shop in a pet store that sells pets as “products”. I also rip a strip off anyone that purchases a pet through one of these stores. People think they are “saving” one puppy. All they are doing is providing an opening for a puppy miller to profit from. Bravo to Richmond for finally connecting the dots and providing a precedent hopefully others will follow.

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