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So many homes, so few puppies…

With every litter, Barb and I face the same dilemma – how do you decide who gets a puppy?

Of course, the basics apply first and foremost – references, a commitment to ongoing care, a certain amount of pre existing knowledge about Frenchies (potential owners who’ve done their homework impress me), a willingness to come in person to pick their puppy up, a sense of excitement about the idea of a new puppy.

All of this being equal, however, how do you choose? How do you pick which person gets to bring home a bundle of joy that you’ve spent ten to twelve weeks loving like its your own? How do you not only decide who you can trust, but who seems most ‘worthy’?

I know that might sound presumptuous – perhaps even conceited. It’s not meant to be.

Every day, I’m thankful that there are so many more good homes waiting for puppies than I will ever have puppies available. The rare nitwits aside, most people who contact me for puppies are caring, conscientious, wonderful potential homes any Frenchie would be thrilled to live in. After a time, I almost begin to feel a sense of obligation to help them find their new puppy (which is one of the reasons why we so frequently list puppies from other breeders that we know personally and trust implicitly.

I just hate having to tell people “no” – that I don’t have a puppy for them, that I chose someone else.

A Bunny puppies update – complete with video and photos – tomorrow.


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  1. Jen&El
    Jen&El says:

    As someone who has recently had the good fortune to bring one of these beautiful puppies home as a member of my family – I just want to say thanks.

    All of your hard work and the care that you put into these dogs has made our life a joy. I can no longer imagine my home without my beautiful Sophie.



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