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Puppy Updates – and a website update, too

Well, I finally feel like I can stay out of bed for three hours without falling over, so it’s time for a Bunny puppies update.

As I mentioned before, this litter has been gloriously, wonderfully stress free. After an initial 48 hours spent studiously ignoring her puppies, Bunny clued in to what motherhood is all about, and hasn’t let up since.

There have been a few annoying moments (her tendency to bury herself and the kids under the blankets in the whelping box, for one), but over all she’s done so much more than I could ever hope for from a first time mom.

The pups themselves have been a striking change from the troubles I faced in Sailor’s last litter. Consider their weight development, for starters. At age one week, Delilah and her little brother weighed 15 ounces and 13.1 ounces respectively.

Bunny’s pups, on the other hand, weighed in at –

Brindle Boy – 1 lb 1.1 ounces

White Boy – 1 lb 1.1 ounces

White Girl – 1 lb 1.8 ounces

That’s a huge difference in weight, for such tiny puppies. It helps, of course, that Bunny has tons of milk. It also helps that no one is struggling to breathe. I wish I could have said the same for the last litter.

Besides weight, these pups just feel the way that healthy puppies should. That’s something that every breeder learns – how healthy puppies should feel ‘in the hand’. There’s a sense of dense, packed puppy flesh, firm and rounded and warm to the touch. They should feel heavy for their compact size, and their skin might have chubby rolls, but it should also ‘fit’ the pups. I can’t really put it into words, but anyone out there who’s ever had a litter will probably know what I mean.

Loads of new photos over on Flickr, and I’ll try to shoot some video tonight. My favorite from this set is pictured above.

Website Overhaul

French Bulldog Z – http://www.frenchbulldogz.org – has just undergone a complete site re-design and overhaul.

I’ve added tons of new sections, updated the sections on purchasing a Frenchie, Frenchie adoption and health concerns, and I’ve changed the links area to make all links require pre approval. Please visit us and take a look – I welcome your feedback and bug reports.

Most importantly, if you have an old link to frenchbulldogz.COM on your website, please please update it to our new url –