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Heart Time, and Samson Wins!

Dexter and Heart

Poor Heart — I think she’s been over shadowed by the Nellkins lately. Fear not, she’s been getting lots of attention, and loads of playtime.

Last night, Sean let her play on the floor with the other dogs for a while, where she discovered two new loves: Hoofies and Dexter.

Sean managed to get some photos of Heart playing with Dexter, doing the typical puppy play bow/hide under stuff/bark/repeat sequence. He also shot a small film of her really, really enjoying a Hoofie. Man, those things are so disgusting – they stink up your house with a fine mist of glue funk – but boy, do the dogs ever love them.

Speaking of cute puppies, congratulations to Samson from San Francisco. This adorable, ice cube loving French Bulldog was crowned “Cutest Dog” in Nick at Nite’s First Annual Worldwide Fido Awards. The awards ceremony was broadcast live on Nickelodeon, and apparently Samson and his mom made the trip all the way from San Francisco to accept their award! Make sure to check out the video that nabbed Samson top prize – it’s awfully cute (award winningly so!).

All the new Heart photos are here, on Flickr, or view the slide show. The video is below.

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  1. frogdogz
    frogdogz says:

    “Hoofies”, more accurately known as “Chew Hooves” are exactly that – cleaned, sterilized cow hooves. The same hoof that is usually boiled up to make that sticky yellow glue we got in grade school (well, at least here in North America and the UK we did).

    We give them as chew treats to the dogs — they don’t unravel like rawhide, or disintegrate like those horrid Greenies, and the dogs find them much tastier than nylabones.

    A link:


    Yes, Dexter’s full registered name is “Bullmarket Absolut Darkly Dexter”. His whole litter had a “monsters” theme, since they were born near Halloween.

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Too cute, I know my dogs love hooves. I don’t, they smell like pee when they chew them. So they don’t get them too often.
    See you tomorrow Rumble!!!!!!

  3. Susan
    Susan says:

    We have about 8 hooves, but only the ONE that the other puppy has is good enough. We call it the Hoof of Destiny. You can hand a different Hoof to the unHoofed puppy, it will be Ignored. It is trash at his feet. Only the Hoof of Destiny will do, so off he goes! So I’ll ask, “Where’s Bacon?” and Ken will say,”He’s chewing the Hoof of Destiny.” (crash to follow)

  4. RHz
    RHz says:

    I am seriously having seizures at the cuteness factor. If you ever need to get them off your hands… j/k.

    I’ve never given my boy a “hoofie” but now I just might. He is a big destroyer though. If it’s stuffed, it’s gone in under 10 minutes. We stay away from the rawhides & greenies, but he gets nylabones and kongs when supervised. In fact, those are pretty much the only things he hasn’t destroyed.

    RHz’s last blog post..We’re having a puppy!

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