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Bath Day

The puppies aren’t speaking to me at the moment, as I had the temerity to decide that they were a pile of stinky heads, and desperately in need of a bath. This relatively simple activity was made more complicated by the fact that they all seemed to have calcified pablum deposits encrusted on their little chins. They weren’t thrilled by the part where I had to almost chip off to get rid of it. Maybe now they won’t do any more face plants in their dinner bowl.

After toweling them off, we placed them into a pile of beds into which we’d tucked warming pads and hot water bottles. They, being the stubborn little bulldogs that they are, promptly marched across the pen to the one bed that wasn’t full of warmth, and placed themselves into a pile. The only smart dog in the bunch was Thor, who stretched luxuriously in the middle of his heated bed. Ms. Jellie Bean Parfait, like the true budding Diva she is, wandered back and forth from one location to the other, torn between the warmth of the bed with the heating pads, and the thought she might be missing on something over in the puppy pile up. It’s hard to be a Diva, and this fact made her vewwy sad 🙁

Hopefully they’ll forgive me in a day or two – I might have to bribe them with hoofies to help them all get over the trauma.

Photos below, or on Flickr.

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    Heeheeheeheehee…oh I remember the doleful face Lucie used to wear when I bathed her. She looked like the saddest dog on the whole entire planet. Only thing sadder than a wet dog is a wet cat.

  2. maggie
    maggie says:

    LOL! Sushi LOVES baths! Lola hates them to an equal, if not greater degree. Sushi waits outside the bathroom door barking her head off until I’m done with Lola who has been shivering and moaning like I’m hosing her down with freezing cold water while she’s standing on ice cubes. After two towels (can’t use just one, the first one gets too wet for the princess to feel dry enough) and then giving her lots of treats – Sushi *finally* gets her bath.

    Once the bathroom door is open and before Sushi has her bath she waits – standing up – against the tub watching the water run eagerly waiting for her turn. Then she likes to stick her paws in the drain. She’s weird.

    This from the dog who won’t go outside if there’s a puddle.. heven forbid that it might actually be raining. Both of the girls have to be pushed outside and make ‘ear umbrellas’ (you know, where they push them down and to the side as much as possible) and do this weird flippy-footed run, high-stepping through the rain drops.

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