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Still here…

Sorry, I just haven’t felt much like writing anything since Ellie’s death. I guess sometimes words just don’t seem to matter, and this was one of those times.

 At any rate, we’re here, we’re fine, there are no puppies (because apparently, we’re under some sort of catastrophic, puppy disappearing cloud of doom), but we’re still hanging in.

Maybe a second try for pups later this summer, when I can stand the idea.

Oh, and I’m at Charlotte’s, re discovering how much fun pugs are. They’re like valium on four legs.

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  1. Susie
    Susie says:

    Take your time to heal.

    The combination of Weezie (Izzy, the little fawn pied, now 6+ months old) and our two eight year-old male Pugs has been pure fur magic.

    She and Linus (aka “Mr. Fancy) wrestle constantly while Nixon (aka “Prince Valium”) looks on from atop his puggish perch.

    Know you’re missed and little Weezie is 16 lbs. and terrorizing South Texas and her pug brothers every waking moment.

  2. Janeen
    Janeen says:

    Glad to see you back. I haven’t been posting much lately either for similar reasons.

    Even when a dog is old and sick and you know he doesn’t have long its hard to lose him. This house feels SO empty without a giant dog in it…..

    Hugs to you and glad you have pug valium. Its good stuff!

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