That’s CHAMPION Zeus, thank you!

French Bulldog Champion Bullmarket Absolut Notorious

Thanks to Jean Ashley for offering at the last minute to handle for us this weekend at Elora Gorge, and for taking Zeus to Ch Bullmarket Absolut Notorious!

Jean did a great job, as did Thomas Curley and Kay Reil, who also handled him. The poor guy finished in three weekends — with a different handler each weekend! We’re lucky he’s so mellow 😉

Zeus is out of Int Ch Parys Baflo and Bullmarket Absolut The Hot Chick

French Bulldog Judging Results:

Monday, Dec 27th
Judge – Janet Lobb

WD, BOS- Dr. Zeus Green Eggs and Ham
No BOW or WB – no other class dogs or bitches entered
BOB – Ch. Petite Cherie Savoir Faire At Foxmoor (Group 1st as well)

Tuesday, Dec 28th
Judge – Dr. W Cespedes Arias

WD – Bullmarket Absolut Notorious
WB – Amanda Baflo
BOW, BOS, Best Puppy – Bullmarket Absolut Notorious
BOB – Ch. Petite Cherie Savoir Faire At Foxmoor (Group 3rd as well)

Wednesday, Dec 29th
Judge – William Rodriguez

WD, BOS, Best Puppy (CH) Bullmarket Absolut Notorious
WB, BOW – Evita Minimolos (new champion!)
BOB – Ch. Petite Cherie Savoir Faire At Foxmoor (Group 1st as well)

I have video of the class judging from Tuesday at Elora – unfortunately, my camcorder gave out just before the end of the judging, so I missed breed and group. It’s below, or over on YouTube

Zeus at Seven Months

Zeus - Bullmarket Absolut Notorious

Zeus - Bullmarket Absolut Notorious

I spent the morning at the Bullmastiff Fancier’s of Canada Specialty (photo link coming) this morning, and got a special treat – a visit from Zeus (formerly Simon) and his owner, Tamika.

Zeus looks fabulous, and best of all, he’s an utter darling of a boy. He loved everyone he met, adult, child or dog, and everyone loved him back. I can completely believe Tamika when she tells me that “people rush across the street just to be able to meet him!”.

Thanks for coming out, Tamika, and I can’t wait to see Zeus in the ring this fall!