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Zeus at Seven Months

Zeus - Bullmarket Absolut Notorious

Zeus - Bullmarket Absolut Notorious

I spent the morning at the Bullmastiff Fancier’s of Canada Specialty (photo link coming) this morning, and got a special treat – a visit from Zeus (formerly Simon) and his owner, Tamika.

Zeus looks fabulous, and best of all, he’s an utter darling of a boy. He loved everyone he met, adult, child or dog, and everyone loved him back. I can completely believe Tamika when she tells me that “people rush across the street just to be able to meet him!”.

Thanks for coming out, Tamika, and I can’t wait to see Zeus in the ring this fall!

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  1. Hope
    Hope says:

    OMG he’s gorgeous! What a handsome pair of brothers! And by the way – he’s not quite seven months old yet. He looks so grown-up compared to his brother. Both such handsome dudes, even if the Ted is a bit slower to mature.

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