Vote for Friday – Vote for Rescue!

The handsome Mr. Friday (aka Billie’s big brother) is competing in the Fido Casting Call contest. Winning Dog gets $2,000 – and Ashleigh, Friday’s mom, has generously offered to donate his winnings to Rescue!

You can vote once a day – please take a minute every morning, and help Friday and Ashleigh raise $2,000 for Rescue, thanks to Fido!

Here’s Friday’s direct voting link –

The site has been experiencing a lot of volume, so please keep trying if you get a “site maintenance” message. Also, please share and tweet!

Ingrates, Contests, T Shirts for a Cause & New Vids

We had  nice visit this morning from frequent blog commenter and soon-to-be new mommy of Rumble. Jennifer and her son Nigel came out for a visit, and quickly fell for Rumble’s ‘look how cute I am’ trick, which I like to refer to as a the ‘total puppy fake out’.

Rumble batted his little eyelashes, gazed soulfully at Jennifer, and mentally told her lies about how we treat him when she’s not around.

“I’m so sweet — I would never grab the side of Thor’s face and try to drag him across the playpen. It’s all a horrible slander perpetuated by that evil woman who tried to drown me in the sink. Please rescue me from here as soon as possible”.

Little ingrates, I tell you. They meet their new parents, and they don’t even give you a backwards glance. Sigh.

Don’t forget that entries for the Crustiest Nose contest close tomorrow. If your dog’s nose looks like it’s been dipped in fast drying cement, send us a photo! You could win some of the awesome Nose Butter prize packs that the Blissful Dog is giving away.

We’ve got more contests coming up, including one for some really great training videos, and another for a new, supposedly stain and stank proof pet bed. We’ll see how it holds up to a house full of evil little French Bulldogs… (but the one you’ll be winning will be nice and clean and un-peed on. Probably).

Author and French Bulldog owner Augusten Burroughs has teamed up with Graphic Artist (and fellow Frenchie owner!) James Anthony to produce an adorable new t shirt.

The shirt features Burroughs’ Frenchies Cow and Bentley, and is a clean, modern, fresh design. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds go to Animal related charities.

We’re hoping they’ll kick a few bucks to the French Bulldog Village — hint hint. We could surely use the funds – or rather, the Frenchies could.

Go check out the shirts and pick one up – they’re a bargain at $25 plus $5 shipping.

Two new videos for you to check out — Puppy Playpen Frenzy, with a poignant little song expressing how I feel about the prospect of the kids going home in less than (!!) a month, and another one featuring Nuttin’ But Butters!

Tula likes to smack the pups in the head with her paw (nicely, mind you), and when she showed up and started doing it to Butters, Butters proceeded to tell her to knock if off and hit the road. You tell her, Butters!

A short blog about a new TV show featuring Frenchies is coming up for tomorrow, and then this weekend I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with family. Yes, Americans, we celebrate Thanksgiving a month early, and minus the shopping frenzy. Later on, I’ll explain “Boxing Day” to you.

Does Your Frenchie Have CNS? Prove it to the World!

This dreaded and disfiguring disease affects hundreds of thousands of French Bulldogs of all ages. We’ve all known one who suffers from it, but now there is hope for CNS sufferers. We’re here to help stamp out Crusty Nose Syndrome, with the help of the Blissful Dog’s Nose Butter.

What is Nose Butter? We’ll let Blissful Dog owner and French Bulldog breeder Kathy tell you in her own words.

Does your beloved Blissful Dog have a dry, cracked, basically yukky nose! We cannot have your little darling out and about with an unattractive nose. The other dogs at the dog park might taunt your poor Frenchie baby and call her “Crusty Nose”. That could forever damage her self-esteem or crush her delicate psyche. Our Frenchie Nose Butter will solve that in a flash!

Our Nose Butter is made from 100% organic and Fair Trade shea butter, Vitamin E Oil, a healthy dash of our own blend of therapeutic grade essential oils and a spritz of Blissful Dog Vibrational Essences (just for extra love). All blended up and packaged in a cute little tin in an organza bag. Prices are great ( 1 oz. $6, 2 oz, $11 and 4 oz. $15) and shipping is FREE!
After the amazing successful of our Frenchie Nose Butter, we felt compelled to branch out into other breeds. It would just be wrong to not let other flat faced dogs have soft, pliant nose leathers. We now offer Pug Butter, Bulldog Butter, Boxer Butter…you get the picture!
Visit for more info, free articles and SHOPPING! Sign up for my newsletter while you are there.
Does your dog suffer from severe CNS? We’re here to help! Send us in your best crusty nose dog photo, and our panel of experts will choose four winners who’ll receive fantastic, soothing, crusty nose alleviating prize baskets. We’ll choose one grand prize winner, and three runners up.
Contest is open to all dogs, of all breeds, just so long as they have crusty, yukky noses.

Caption Contest & Britney Spears Comes thisclose to getting a French Bulldog

Britney Spears puppy shopping in a pet storeYou’d think with all the ‘oooh, breeders are *bad*’ crap that peta spews, that they’d set up some kind of re-education camp to get celebrities to stop buying their puppies from pet shops. I swear, there are a few pet stores out there that make all of their income off of Paris Hilton alone.

At any rate, the train wreck formerly known as Britney Spears snagged herself a new best friend at a pet store in Beverly Hills. And look how close this poor Frenchie came to being her new victim!

Snagged from Dlisted –

That’s all we need – ten gazillion paparazzi photos of Britney driving with a Frenchie on her lap. Oy.

Caption Contest

OK kidz, this is it – it’s our first annual, super speshul caption contest.

Teh winner of this contest will receive a lovely and utterly fab-u-lous prize, which I am not at liberty to reveal (in large part because I haven’t decided what the hell it is yet). Rest assured, however, that it will be chock full of super yummy Frenchie goodness. Either that, or it will be a CD of all the crappy iTunes songs I just rescued from my old computer (Supertramp? Really?).

So, here’s the rules –

Take this interesting photo of Monsieur Nigel, and add your own caption, a la ‘I Can Haz Cheezburger‘. In fact, I Can Haz Cheezburger now even has a nifty little ‘caption maker’ feature that you can use to do the captioning for you. Check it out –

The more twisted amongst you can make your captions along the lines of the ones over at lolsecretz –

Here’s the picture – click on it to view and save the full sized version. Contest deadline is December 21st. Email your captioned photo back to me at frenchbulldogz AT

Nigel Up Close (too close)

Good luck, and I’d like to point out that cheating is not only encouraged, it’s rewarded.