Oh Frabulous Day!

Well, Sean and I finally got the news we’d been waiting for – we’ve been approved to adopt an orphan baby from Tukrmenistan! This is so thrilling. Sean is over the moon and I’m right there with him!

Of course, we’ll probably have to give up the dogs, or at least most of them – let’s face it, they’ve really just been child substitutes anyways, so what do we need them for? Plus, well, you know – dogs and kids. I don’t want to get arrested for leaving them alone in the same bedroom, even if it is accidental.

Better safe than sorry, that’s my watch word.

No one fell for that in the slightest, did they? Drat.

It would probably be funnier if it didn’t really happen so damn often…

We gave up the kids because the dogs don't like them