Pug Rescue Alert – Vote for Ten!

Buddha and her Puggy Pal, Hope

Buddha and her Puggy Pal, Hope

Charlotte Creeley sent this to the French Bulldog mailing lists:

Pam Mayes is the founder/inspiration of Pug Rescue of Alabama-

She is the one who provides me with a constant reminder of how extraordinary our roles are as rescuers. We make the difference between life and death for some dogs, and for Pam, there never seems to be an end to the dogs that need her and never an end to her trying to help them. She has been my own inspiration since I first spoke to her, it must be 12-15 years ago now. Pam doesn’t give up and she doesn’t give in…

This year, one of Pam’s rescues – this time a brave little Pug named Ten (after the year, not the contest…) – has once again made it into the top ten in Purina’s Rally to Rescue. In fact, Ten is running in front, which is no surprise to me after reading his story. The winner of the contest takes home $5000 in pet food coupons (Pugs love FOOD!) Please vote for Ten, for the sake of the other Puggies at APRA, but also in recognition of a really fine rescuer.

And Frenchie owner! Her first Frenchie was my Stone’s mom, Buddha, and she’s had Frenchies ever since! I’ve attached a picture of Buddha and her best buddy, a little crippled Pug named Hope, who was Pam’s inspiration to start a rescue. As well as a gazillion little misfit Pugs…

Buddha isn’t the only Frenchie Pam has from us – she also has Felix, aka Bullmarket Absolut White Dragon, father of Elliott, son of Maggie’s Lola, and grandfather/great grandfather to half our dogs (and to the puppies some of you own!).

Pam is a phenomenal woman. Pug rescue almost always breaks my heart, but Pam’s Pug rescue gets some of the most heart wrenching cases you have ever heard. The halt and the lame are the very least of it, and most heart breaking of all are the senior pugs who seem to be so commonly and routinely dumped by the people who were supposed to protect them for life.

Please vote for Pam – and if you feel like it, maybe you could also make a donation to her rescue, as well. Do it for all of those Pugs that no one else but Pam could have the strength to care for.

Creating a Race of Circus Dogs

Tula Jumps the Fence

Tula Jumps the Fence

The other night I did what I usually do while cleaning, and tossed Dexter outside into the fenced yard. It’s fenced with five foot chain link on three sides, and a 4 1’2 foot stone retaining wall on the fourth. The only dog it hasn’t been able to hold is Tula, who we discovered could – and would – happily scale the wall if it meant she could get to where I was at. Thankfully, unless I’m outside the yard, Tula never bothers to try to escape, and she’s never allowed access to this part of the yard if I’m not at home and watching her.

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So much for her girlish figure…

Tula is waay pregnant

If I had any remaining doubt about Tula being preggers, it went out the window when I shot this photo of her. Holy cow!

Honestly, I hadn’t really noticed how huuuuge she was until I took a good look at this picture. Considering how svelte Tula normally is, this is a pretty dramatic change for a dog who’s only one month and change into her 62 day pregnancy.

Dexter sits pretty

Dexter continues to grow up – unfortunately, he’s started to sit when there’s food on offer. When it’s snacking time, all the dogs have to do a good, solid sit to get their treat – looks like he learned by imitation.

Uh oh…

That’s a no no for a dog with a (hopeful) future in the conformation show ring. Back to the drawing board – I need to train him the ‘stand’ command all over again. On the plus side, way to learn the sit command, Dexter! Now, just don’t tell Barb.

Hey, want to see some old photos of our dogs? I just uploaded almost 160 old French Bulldog photos onto Flickr – and I have about another 200 to scan. These ones aren’t organized yet – they don’t even really have proper titles, but feel free to check them out. There are some interesting shots in there – take this one, for example:

Diva, Felix and Dragon

That’s a shot of Felix, to the left, and Diva, in the center, along with their siblings.

Diva is Bunny’s mom, and Tula’s great grandmother. Felix is Elliott’s dad. So, in this photo, you have two dogs who will both appear in the pedigree of the puppies Tula is carrying. This is important, since the dogs who came before my dogs today, will influence the dogs that we produce tomorrow.

Interesting stuff, if you’re interested in that kind of stuff.