Help Holmes to Breathe

Do you remember Holmes? The little French Bulldog once known as Mojo has made amazing progress in his recovery from neglect and abuse.

He’s gone from an emaciated, underweight dog of less than 14 pounds to a healthy, robust 22 pounds! His coat is shiny and glossy, and his feet are no longer covered in lesions and sores. The huge tumor above his eye has been removed, and was found to be benign. His cherry eyes are reduced, and you can finally see the handsome dog he actually is.

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Princess Peanut Seeks a Throne

Princess Peanut the Foster French Bulldog

Princess Peanut the Foster French Bulldog

I thought I’d post an update on Peanut, our current foster dog.

Peanut arrived in Canada almost three weeks ago. In that time, she’s been just a joy to have around. She’s one of the happiest little dogs I’ve ever met – when you call her name or pay her any attention, she gets so excited she hops up and down! She has her own song – the Peanut Butter Jelly! song – and when you sing it to her she spins in circles and leaps into the air.

Peanut loves everybody – she gets along with every dog in the house, she sniffs the cat but otherwise ignores her, and she even tolerates the bratty puppy chewing on her leg. She’s beautifully house broken, asking to go outside by scratching at the door. During the day, if no one is here to let her out she uses the wee wee pads which are located near the door. She eats well in her crate, and was happily sleeping in a crate, as well – although she seems to enjoy having been upgraded to the couch 🙂 She walks nicely on a leash, and enjoys investigating the creek near our house.

She’s a real lover – she adores getting her head scratched, and her tummy rubbed.

Peanut is now eating raw – in fact, she’s taken to it so well that when Sean tried to feed her some kibble the other day, she tipped the bowl over! We’re happy to see her embracing her inner Diva 🙂

Peanut came to us with a cough, which has lingered  slightly in the form of an occasional dry hack. The vet thinks it will just take time for her lungs to finish healing up completely.  Other than that, and a bit of an infection in her one dropped ear, she seems perfectly healthy.

I think she’d do well in almost any home, so long as any resident dogs are good natured and  not too rough with her. She’s untested with children, but with her happy nature I think any gentle children who are well behaved with dogs would be fine. She’s indifferent towards cats. Peanut is looking for someone who can overlook her outer deformities (her dropped ear, and her one blind eye) and see her true inner beauty. She’s a sweet natured, happy, well adjusted dog who is going to make someone a wonderful best friend.

There are some photos of Peanut on the FBV site, and I’ll be taking some this weekend (along with a video of her dancing to her ‘theme song’).

Rescued Neopolitan Mastiff Update

Neopolitan Mastiff Puppy Belly

Pink Puppy Belly

Kelly sent along an update on Belle and Bronx, the two rescued Neopolitan Mastiffs, and their surviving puppies. Since we originally wrote about them, one puppy died when Belle rolled over and crushed it. Kelly recently had another scare with one of the girls, which she writes about below.

Over the weekend, one blue girl (I named her Blue Poppy for the paperwork) spend the night at OVC (asp pnem.) On antibiotics and doing totally fine now! I can distinguish her from her sibs as she has a little spot of crazy glue on her face where they stuck the oxygen tube by her face!

They are growing so fast. As they are very strong and healthy, we have been allowing the my boys to sit and cuddle with them in the house in the evenings (after thoroughly disinfecting the boys of course) :). They have been introduced to the cats and the Frenchies and will definitely be well socialized when they go to their new homes. There are 3 interested families and one which has made a firm commitment to a puppy. I am thrilled with the great homes these pups will be going to! So far all have Neos or have experience with mastiffs and rescue dogs.

Bella has found a wonderful home and will be going there when the puppies are weaned. She has gained weight and her nice, friendly personality is coming through. She like to walk but does not like my mini horses, small dogs are cats!

Bronx had his eye surgery and neuter done on Monday and is recovering nicely. He is a very sweet boy who loves to walk. When walking he is oblivious to other animals and just wants to focus on his walk.

Bronx is still looking for a home. If you’re interested in a placid, loving Neo boy who is interested in making you the center of his world, please contact Kelly via email. She’d love to see him find a great home.

My Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa Claus:

I know you’re really busy this time of year, what with the last minute gathering of the gifts, and the packing of the sleigh. I don’t want to take up much of your time, and, even if I did, I’m not sure how much attention you’d pay to the wish list of a non believing ethnic atheist Jew. That said, if you have some spare time, could you look over my wish list and see if there’s anything you can do?

I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


My Wish List

Adequate SpaceI wish that not one single dog, whether Frenchie or Lab or Doodle or any other breed, is spending their Christmas in a cage that looks like this one.

I wish that there was some kind of deity who could give the people who operate puppy mills the kind of punishment they deserve.

I wish that every politician who allowed legislation to pass saying that this much space is legal was forced to spend just one night in a cage that gives them ‘adequate room for exercise’.

I wish that every single stupid celebrity who bought a throw-away puppy from a pet shop was forced to visit the puppy mill where their dog’s parents still live. While there, I want them to actually see the bitch who gave birth to their puppy. Then, I wish on her the gift of speech, so she could curse them to hell (using small words that even Britney and Paris could understand).

I wish that every single Pit Bull in the world could have a home as good as the Pit Bulls of Bad Rap.

For every Sophie in the world, I wish for soft beds, warm laps, cookie stuffed kongs, soft words of kindness, people who care, and the chance to spend the remainder of their lives living in dignity and compassion.

I wish that pet stores would finally be banned from selling live animals, including bunnies.

I wish all of the K Kids have safe, happy trips to their new homes, and that there’s no longer a reason for dogs like Cosette to need French Bulldog Rescue.

I wish that the stupid, ridiculous, pointless, ‘Dangerous Dog‘ legislation here in Ontario, and all over the world, could be over turned, so that legislation based on pragmatic reality could instead be introduced.

Most of all, I wish for the basics we all ask for – peace on earth, and good will towards men – and animals. Can we not forget the animals this year?