Help Holmes to Breathe

Do you remember Holmes? The little French Bulldog once known as Mojo has made amazing progress in his recovery from neglect and abuse.

He’s gone from an emaciated, underweight dog of less than 14 pounds to a healthy, robust 22 pounds! His coat is shiny and glossy, and his feet are no longer covered in lesions and sores. The huge tumor above his eye has been removed, and was found to be benign. His cherry eyes are reduced, and you can finally see the handsome dog he actually is.

Through it all, Holmes has never lost his sweet temperament. He continues to love everything – cats, dogs, people,birds, stray squirrels – although he also continues to remain wary of new people. This is a dog who is going to offer his unconditional love and devotion to someone only if he can be sure they are deserving of it. You can hardly blame him for that. He has obviously had good reason, in the past, to doubt the intentions of the people he meets.

After all of Holmes last surgeries, his foster mom Karen noticed something interesting – Holmes slept for almost 14 hours straight, and when he woke, he was a new dog. He ran and played and was energetic, unlike the tired and lethargic dog Karen was used to seeing. This little dog has been seriously sleep deprived, likely for most of his life, because his elongated soft palate makes it difficult for him to sleep in a normal position. So, Holmes nods off for a while, then wakes up, choking and unable to breathe. He gasps for air, then nods off again. This cycle repeats, over and over, every time he tries to sleep. No wonder his energy level is always so low!

Holmes was not in physical condition to undergo such a serious and life saving surgery before now, but he’s finally ready. This one last step is all he needs before he goes off to his new life – a life where he will learn that people have been put on this earth for one express purpose – to spoil Frenchies rotten 🙂

Unfortunately, Holmes other surgeries and the care of our other foster dogs has left us with no funds to pay for Holmes much needed surgery. We’re asking once more if you can possibly help us with just a few dollars. Even if you can’t help yourself, could you please pass this request on to friends? Holmes surgery is scheduled for this Friday, but if we can’t raise the funds before then, we will have to cancel his surgery, and lose our deposit.

Please help if you can. Photos are after the chip in, or you can donate via paypal to