French Bulldog Jamboree Weekend Photos

Unedited as of yet, but here they are!

Weighty Issues, Yet Again

I am slowly but surely losing my mind in the last few days before the Jamboree. I have already asked friends to please, please  smack me in the head with a hammer if I dream up another harebrained idea like “Hey, let’s invite a great big bunch of French Bulldog people to come and spend a weekend in the middle of nowhere”. Immediately afterwards, I of course mentioned how next year I’d like to combine the Jamboree with our Regional Specialty. Hammer, meet head – Head, meet Hammer.

Weight and the Canadian French Bulldog Breed Standard

A few people were rather irate at my recent entry discussing the issue of the Canadian French Bulldog Club’s apparent proposal to change the weight portion of the Canadian standard from a disqualification to a ‘fault’.

For the record, here’s the proposed changes that the Canadian Club has considered submitting:


Preferred weight 9 – 14 kgs., size being in proportion with the weight but soundness not to be sacrificed for size.

For the record, the standard currently states:

A lightweight class under 22 lb. (10 kg); heavyweight class, 22 lb. and not over 28 lb. (10-13 kg).

and under disqualifications is listed:

over 28 lb. (12.7 kg) in weight.

Clearly, this indicates that the Canadian National Club fully intends to change weight from a disqualification to a (weakly worded) fault.

Personally, I object to the insinuation that a larger dog equals a sounder dog. If this rational were true, we’d have to assume that Mastiffs are the most physically sound dog breed alive, with Chihuahuas the least sound and shortest lived. Anyone else see a problem with this theory?

At any rate, whether you’re pro standard change or con, you do have to wonder if, in this time of increased scrutiny on the breed standards of all purebred dogs, and Brachycephalic breeds in particular, the most pressing issue we need to address in our standard is the question of weight.

Rather than worry about weight, how about adopting the statement in the UK standard which specifies that

Dogs showing respiratory distress highly undesirable.

There’s a change to the standard that I could personally fully support.

In other news…

The Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club (with an area of operation including Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes) is now active, and actively seeking members. The new club website, at, should be up and running by the end of next week, if I haven’t collapsed from exhaustion before then. Either way, please come and check us out! But not today – today there’s nothing much there to see 😉

Yet ANOTHER Jamboree Update (this one's important)

The time for the Jamboree is getting closer and closer, and the management of the resort have requested that ANYONE who has not yet made their reservations do so before March 15th. There are still some rooms available, and if our event is going to take them, another party wants them.

Please visit the reservation page to book your room –

I gaurantee that, if you wait until after March 15th, there will not be any space left available.

If you are planning on coming out just for the Saturday raffle, BBQ, meet and greet, match and other events, we also need you to give us advance notice. The management wants to estimate the staff they’ll need for parking, and they also need to finalize plans for the BBQ.

Please use the booking form on the Jamboree website to let us know you’re coming, and to give us an idea of how many guests you’re bringing –

If you’re interesting in sending a raffle donation, please include the following with your item:

Your name
A business card, if applicable
Any literature you want to be placed on the table (ie; brochures about your company)

For those of you who are kindly willing to donate a raffle item, please send it to:

French Bulldog Jamboree
c/o C Gravestock
243402 Southgate Rd 24
RR 4
Durham, ON Canada N0G 1R0

Or, just bring it along with you!

Wow, this is all turning into something approaching work! But if everyone has fun, it will all be worthwhile!

French Bulldog Jamboree Update

I finally have the website up for the French Bulldog Jamboree —

Excuse the clunky url, I was in a hurry.
We had to change the date by one weekend – seems I’d accidentally scheduled it for Canada’s version of Memorial Day Weekend (not a good idea).
So, the final dates are:
Friday, May 22cnd 2009 thru Sunday, May 24th, 2009
In case you didn’t get the earlier emails, the French Bulldog Jamboree is a weekend of fun, friends and Frenchies, open to all French Bulldog owners from around the world. It’s a casual, laid back chance to camp with your Frenchies (in ‘camping’ cottages), hang out with friends, and make s’more around a campfire. It’s like summer camp (but with dogs and a licensed bar!).
French Bulldog Jamboree takes place at Homestead Resort, in Ontario, Canada — it’s about two hours away from Toronto, same distance from Buffalo/Fort Erie, and about three hours from Sarnia/Port Huron.
Tentative scheduled events include:
* pet psychic readings
* St John’s Ambulance therapy evaluations (we’d still like a volunteer to to TDI evaluations)
* Discussions of obedience and Frenchies
* raffle
* Canine Good Citizen evaluation
* Fun match
* raw feeding discussion and seminar
… other stuff!
Homestead has a spa and golf course on site, so bring your Frenchie averse spouse along and we’ll find them something to do. Packages include a really phenomenal breakfast and dinner daily.
For more details, please visit the site, where you’ll find arrangements on booking your stay. Please note that we need a minimum of ten more bookings to proceed with reserving the entire resort for our event.