Bunny’s Puppies at 3 1/2 Weeks

Here’s a short video of Bunny’s kids at nearly four weeks old. Sorry for the fuzzy video quality – I’m losing resolution when I decode the video clips. An update to the new version of iMovie will hopefully fix this!

The Bunny Puppies Have Arrived!

Bunny French Bulldog puppies 2011

Well, after a very exciting (read: I haven’t slept in 30 hours) night, the Bunny puppies have arrived!

2 gorgeous, stripey, flashy, brindle boys with deep black masks, and one tiny little double hooded fawn pied girl (who has been instantly nicknamed “MINE!”). They are sired by Brenda W’s lovely brindle male, Stoli.

The pedigree is here —

I had taken Bunny in to our vet’s office yesterday morning for a reverse progesterone test, with results that said that, while she was dropping, ‘parturition was not imminent’, so we should re check in 24 hours. We made an appointment to have her progesterone re tested this morning, at 8 am, and I headed home with Bunny, sure I was going to have a final full night of sleep. Instead, by dinner time I had a bitch who wouldn’t eat, by 9 pm a bitch who was slightly restless, and by 2 am a bitch who was in the full first stages of labor. So much for technology’s ability to outguess mother nature!

All three kids had healthy birth weights and came out screaming blue murder – we barely had to rub them to get them to start shrieking their little lungs out.

Bunny, on the other hand, had a rather rough time of it. She went through the surgery with flying colors, but then lost a lot of blood after closing. She was shocky and pale, and we thought we were going to end up having to transfuse her. Luckily, time and a lot of heating blankets pulled her out of it.  She’s fine now, and loving her babies already.

I’ll get more photos when my brain is functioning more efficiently — ie; after sleep and/or an entire pot of coffee.

(by the way, all the kids are spoken for)

Caleb is homeless…for now

Caleb recovering at Kristina's house

Caleb has his new home!

Update: Caleb has a new home in Connecticut! Yay!

It’s strange how things sometimes work out.

Caleb, who I have written about here before, went to his new home on the east coast of the USA last week. We had thought this would be a perfect placement – Caleb would have another dog to play with, and with owners who already have a dog from us (Tula’s brother).

Unfortunately, it was not to be. Their male dog HATED Caleb, and took every opportunity to kick his little tiny puppy butt into next week. Sadly, his owners made the decision to return him, and Kristrina, who owns Caleb’s cousin Leah, made an emergency rescue mission from CT to NJ to pick him up.

Caleb is now in Connecticut, where he’s staying with Kristina and her family. He’s doing fine, but he’s once again looking for a new home. We’ve decided that it will be easier if we can find him a home on the east coast, within driving distance of Connecticut, rather than getting him back here to Toronto.

Caleb playing with Leah

Caleb playing with Leah

Potential homes for Caleb must have NO OTHER male dogs, unless you can prove to us that any male dogs in the house are very mellow and good with other dogs. Caleb is a very smart, sweet natured, affectionate little boy, and he LOVES other dogs (along with cats!), but he can be playful and rambunctious with dogs, so any other dogs in the home must be good with smaller dogs.

You must be within easy driving distance of Connecticut, and willing to pick up in person.

Caleb is lead trained, heels, sits and knows his ‘down’ command, and is litter box trained. He needs some additional crate training to be 100% house broken. He is stunningly well bred, sired by BIS BISS WKC Breed Winning AKC/JKC Int Ch Bullmarket Versace out of BPIS CKC CH Bullmarket Absolut Harvest Moon. He is being placed as a companion dog only, or an obedience/rally/agility prospect.

Caleb exploring

Caleb exploring

Photos of Caleb can be seen via my blog, or on Kristina’s flickr account.

If you are interested in Caleb, please phone his co breeder, Paula Roberts, at 519-848-5973

I am very emotionally invested in Caleb, and especially after this failed home, I’m going to be watching like a hawk to make sure any home he ends up in is a home that *deserves* such a special little guy!! I’m having to stop myself emotionally from just insisting that he comes back here, to us. If Sean had his way, he’d already be in the car driving to Connecticut.

Have I mentioned lately that being a breeder sucks?

Itty Bitty Butters’ Babies Cuteness Factor Update

Smiley happy creamsicle French Bulldog puppy

Smiley happy puppy dreams

I went for a visit with the Butters’ babies yesterday. Needless to say, they are all adorable, but it’s amazing how different the color is on one of the puppies in particular – he’s a pale creamy orange. Not tan, not cream – orange.

His sister is going to be a fawn pied (white, basically, with teeny tiny fawn spots which will develop later on), his brother is a sort of dark cream with darker ears and a mask (a color some people call ‘American Fawn’), but the little guy is the color of a *creamsicle*. He’s a sort of pale, tangerine orange, with a big white blaze up his head, and a dark mask.

Best of all? He’s a smiley puppy, one of those puppies who looks like he’s *grinning* all of the time. Alvin was a smiley puppy, and we all know how cute he was. Creamsicle boy’s adorable factor is pretty much off the scale. Oh, and Paula has been calling him ‘Hammy’, which is short for Hammy Hamster, which is a dig on the fact that, next to his beefy big brother, he looks like a tiny little baby hamster. That’s ok, kid. With looks like yours, who needs size?

The rest of the photos are after the cut, or over on Flickr

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Outside Puppy Playtime

Just a quick post, because I’m actually stuck at a conference for most of the weekend, but here’s the video that I’ve been promising forever. Sorry about the wait, and the lack of posts – more to come Monday!