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The Bunny Puppies Have Arrived!

Bunny French Bulldog puppies 2011

Well, after a very exciting (read: I haven’t slept in 30 hours) night, the Bunny puppies have arrived!

2 gorgeous, stripey, flashy, brindle boys with deep black masks, and one tiny little double hooded fawn pied girl (who has been instantly nicknamed “MINE!”). They are sired by Brenda W’s lovely brindle male, Stoli.

The pedigree is here —


I had taken Bunny in to our vet’s office yesterday morning for a reverse progesterone test, with results that said that, while she was dropping, ‘parturition was not imminent’, so we should re check in 24 hours. We made an appointment to have her progesterone re tested this morning, at 8 am, and I headed home with Bunny, sure I was going to have a final full night of sleep. Instead, by dinner time I had a bitch who wouldn’t eat, by 9 pm a bitch who was slightly restless, and by 2 am a bitch who was in the full first stages of labor. So much for technology’s ability to outguess mother nature!

All three kids had healthy birth weights and came out screaming blue murder – we barely had to rub them to get them to start shrieking their little lungs out.

Bunny, on the other hand, had a rather rough time of it. She went through the surgery with flying colors, but then lost a lot of blood after closing. She was shocky and pale, and we thought we were going to end up having to transfuse her. Luckily, time and a lot of heating blankets pulled her out of it.  She’s fine now, and loving her babies already.

I’ll get more photos when my brain is functioning more efficiently — ie; after sleep and/or an entire pot of coffee.

(by the way, all the kids are spoken for)

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  1. Cait
    Cait says:

    Congratulations and so glad momma and puppies are doing well!

    Out of curiosity (when you have gotten some sleep :P) what makes the girl a fawn pied rather than a brindle pied?

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