Saturday Puppy Cute Overload

"B" is for my French Bulldog Boys

"B" is for my French Bulldog Boys

I am giving you fair warning – the following photos are so loaded with adorable cuteness that you will quite likely be rendered a babbling, crooning, baby talking fool just by looking at them.

Personally, I’ve been reduced to walking around the house clutching at least one puppy to me at all times, while a constant chorus of “Who’s a cute widdle man? You is! You is!” comes burbling out of my lips.

And that’s not a complaint, either.

Photos after the cut.

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The Puppies Eat Their First Meal

Well, it’s official – the puppers are growing up. Monday, they ate their very first meal – a tasty slurry made from raw beef mixed with warm, raw whole goat’s milk. Think ‘beef goat milk smoothie’.

Alvin (aka Striker) took to it like a champ – you could almost see him thinking “Thank god, it’s food I don’t have to chase across the whelping box”.

Teddy also got the hang of it right away – you could almost see him thinking “thank god, it’s food buffet style (whatever a buffet is)”.

Simon, on the other hand? Not so impressed. His basic opinion seems to be “I have fresh food on tap from mommy – why should I work so hard?”. He takes a little bit of coaxing, and even then he’s still more interested in licking left overs off of his brothers’ faces. Oh well, some kids just are slower to mature.

Here’s a short video, taken during that very first meal.

Tula’s Puppies at 2 1/2 Weeks

A few photos of the boys, including several of Hope’s little monster darling Teddy, who likes to chew on his foster brother’s rear leg for fun.

Tula’s French Bulldog Boys, Ten Days Old

A few photos that I didn’t get around to adding the other day. Look at how cute everyone is – and eyes are all open! Last night, Teddy (that’s the Fawn boy’s new name) actually played with me. OK, Sean thinks I was imagining it, but I swear – he was playing!

Frenchie Video – Nursing French Bulldog Puppies

In honor of International Women’s Day, here’s a nice little video that celebrates Tula’s skills as a mother.