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The Puppies Eat Their First Meal

Well, it’s official – the puppers are growing up. Monday, they ate their very first meal – a tasty slurry made from raw beef mixed with warm, raw whole goat’s milk. Think ‘beef goat milk smoothie’.

Alvin (aka Striker) took to it like a champ – you could almost see him thinking “Thank god, it’s food I don’t have to chase across the whelping box”.

Teddy also got the hang of it right away – you could almost see him thinking “thank god, it’s food buffet style (whatever a buffet is)”.

Simon, on the other hand? Not so impressed. His basic opinion seems to be “I have fresh food on tap from mommy – why should I work so hard?”. He takes a little bit of coaxing, and even then he’s still more interested in licking left overs off of his brothers’ faces. Oh well, some kids just are slower to mature.

Here’s a short video, taken during that very first meal.

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  1. Darlene Atwell
    Darlene Atwell says:

    How old were the puppies when you started them on the RAW diet? I have a litter of 7 little puglets who are 1 week old, my Adult dogs are on the RAW diet and I would also like to put these puppies on that diet. My big concern is that if the buyers of these pups do not want to continue with the RAW how hard is that on the puppy, to switch to kibble. I;m really hoping I can convince them to stay with this diet. My dogs love it and are doing so well with it. I have 1 Frenchie and 5 Pugs. I love reading your blogs they are so entertaining and informative. Keep up the great work! Thanks. Darlene, Halifax Nova Scotia

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      I start as soon as they eat their first meal – about three weeks old.

      I used to worry about trying to get the pups to eat kibble as well as raw, in case the new owners want to feed kibble. Now, I just wean right on to raw, and if the new owners want to go through two weeks of diarrhea while they switch the pups over to kibble, that’s their problem 😉

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