Lucy is an available French Bulldog Rescue in Ontario Canada

I love Lucy! French Bulldog for Adoption in Ontario Canada

Occasionally, we run into a French Bulldog who is incredibly lovable, incredibly smart and utterly adorable, but still just can’t seem to find her forever family.

Lucy would be one of those dogs.

Now, we’re not saying she’s perfect – to love Lucy, you’re going to need to willing to understand her limitations. She’s not a fan of cats – I mean, really, really, really not a fan of cats, unless you mean ‘cats as lunch’, which is obviously not acceptable. Ditto other dogs – Lucy prefers to be the only Princess in her castle. Small kids? Well, we’re not quite sure, but she seems awfully interested in them, so it’s just better if she goes to a home that only has older, dog savvy kiddos for her to play with.

So, why, in spite of that, would anyone love Lucy?

Well, because she’s sweet and lovable with the people she knows. She’s a shadow dog – wants to be around you, part of what you’re doing. She’s active – if you always wanted a Frenchie who can go with you on walks, or a Frenchie who’d fetch a ball, she’s your gal. If you want a lap dog couch potato, well, Lucy is OK with that, too. Mostly, what Lucy really wants is  family to love – and a family who will love Lucy, too.

If you think you have room in your life for Lucy, and you want to know more about her, click here to read her full profile on French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue.

Lucy is in Ontario, Canada and will not be shipped – she must be picked up in person.

And, if you can’t adopt, remember – sharing is caring.

Into each life a little Rayne must fall…

How’s the weather where you are? Here in Canada, we’re experiencing record setting high temperatures – scorching days where spending more than a few moments outside are enough to leave you light headed and on the verge of heat stroke.

Imagine, in this heat, leaving a litter of puppies outside, day after day. Imagine if one of those puppies is smaller than her siblings, with a rear end that doesn’t let her move as easily. Imagine deciding that, instead of getting her the veterinary care she needs, you’ll just ‘have her put down’.

Imagine being Rayne.

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Ontario French Bulldog Rescue on CP24

Foster French Bulldog Ladoo will be on CP24

Foster French Bulldog Ladoo will be on CP24

News from Gary Brown, Ontario rep for FBRN. Gary and some of the current foster dogs available for adoption will be appearing on CP24.

Here’s more from Gary —

This Friday, October 9th, 2009, French Bulldog Rescue Network’s foster dogs Ladoo and Spicy will be making an appearance on City Pulse 24. They will be on CP24 Breakfast television on cable channel 24 between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. likely more towards the latter but dependent on earlier events, this coming Friday morning.

Happy Face Ladoo

Happy Face Ladoo

Ladoo who is an old pro at this having already been on Animal House Calls is an 8 year old fellow who is looking to be a great companion to a calm, assertive pack leader. Although Ladoo can turn into a pile of mush he likes it to be on his terms and in private moments. Ladoo would not be a good choice with children or other pets but for someone who wants a GREAT companion that is very animated and comical Ladoo is your guy.

Spicy the Foster French Bulldog

Spicy the Foster French Bulldog

Spicy is a 5 yr. old puppymill survivor who is learning to love life and everything it offers her. She is as sweet and gentle as they come but would protect her people or her home with her life. This girl would be a perfect pal for someone who was home all day or could take her to work. Spicy is just about ready to open up the next chapter in her life and begin looking for her forever family and will be appearing shortly on the available page.

Other puppymill survivors from the same mill in Manitoba will also be appearing on the available page in short order and are also in Ontario. They are Styx and Sherlock who can be seen on our foster pages. Another, Sinnamon, is on the available page at the moment and is just across the border from Niagara Falls.

All these dogs can be seen at

Make sure to tune in to see Gary and the dogs, and support their rescue efforts in Canada!