Into each life a little Rayne must fall…

How’s the weather where you are? Here in Canada, we’re experiencing record setting high temperatures – scorching days where spending more than a few moments outside are enough to leave you light headed and on the verge of heat stroke.

Imagine, in this heat, leaving a litter of puppies outside, day after day. Imagine if one of those puppies is smaller than her siblings, with a rear end that doesn’t let her move as easily. Imagine deciding that, instead of getting her the veterinary care she needs, you’ll just ‘have her put down’.

Imagine being Rayne.

On the west coast of Canada, Margaret Au sends news about a little French Bulldog rescue puppy who needs our help. Read more after the break, but first go donate, and help Rayne get the assistance she needs to finally lead a normal life.  Donate here:

Update – Rayne has a Chipin for her vet bills. Please donate, and if you can’t donate, please share!

Added bonus after the cut: Video!!

Info from Margaret Au:

Rayne - French Bulldog Rescue puppy in Canada needs donations


Our newest rescue is a sweet little 11 week old brindle and white puppy named “Rayne”.

She is the product of a backyard breeder.

Rayne and her siblings were noticed unattended in an outdoor pen, during record hot area temperatures, by a man working in the neighbourhood. He was concerned for their wellbeing and when he managed to contact the owners, he saw that Rayne, the runt of the litter, was dragging her abraded little back legs behind her.

The owner told him that they intended to have her put down, but he convinced them to let him take her to his vet in order to give her a chance. He had her examined and treated and over the course of a couple of weeks she was able to get up on her feet, walk and even run alongside the kids.

Although he would have loved to keep her himself, a busy work schedule and another large active family dog made that impossible, so he contacted FBFC for assistance.

We are most grateful for this man’s compassion, care and determination to save this little pup.

Even though Rayne is small and physically impaired, she has a feisty personality and the bulldog determination to be all she can be despite her limitations.

Initial veterinary examination following her arrival showed a stiff inflexible right leg and a left leg with a permanently luxated patella.

The veterinarian said that the deformity in her right leg could be the result of an accident or birth injury/defect but in his opinion it is not likely to be reparable at this point and if it becomes more of a hindrance than a help as she grows, he feels the leg may require amputation in the future.

He also believes that the left leg will definitely need surgery to re seat the knee cap in the proper position since strength and proper function in that leg is imperative for her mobility

Rayne clearly has some challenges ahead, but with appropriate care and treatment we have every reason to believe she will grow up to lead a happy, healthy life and become a cherished addition to some lucky family.

We would like to ask for your help in securing the funds needed to insure that little Rayne gets the treatment she needs by donating to the club rescue fund on our website at

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