Friday Zen – Dexter Hates the Squeaky Toy

This is an old video, but still one of my favorites. It’s Dexter as a puppy (when he was still named Nigel, a name Sean vetoed on the grounds that it made him sound like a fussy old librarian, to which I say ‘what’s wrong with that?’).

Dexter, then as in now, has some pretty strong reactions to things he does not like – and he does not like the squeaky toy.

Friday Zen – Crying Frenchie Puppy

Crying French Bulldog puppy sounds like kitten

Is it just me, or does this little guy sound JUST like a kitten meowing? I believe we have a strong contender here for the Gold Medalist winner, in Frenchie Death Yodel, Junior Edition competition.

Friday Zen – Nash the Slash

Nash the Slash

What’s not to love about a world class musician who plays the Electric Madolin, along with the violin, the guitar, and almost any other musical instrumental you can name – and who does so while wrapped in bandages and wearing a top hat and sunglasses. That’s Canada’s own Nash the Slash, the punk/alt God of Violin music.

From Wikipedia –

Nash’s music is a complex blend of new wave, new age and punk rock, using electric mandolins, violins, drums machines and an arsenal of effects and sonic devices. He has written, played and produced most of the material on his solo albums by himself, although he has also worked with producers Daniel Lanois and Bill Nelson.

Nash has been creating his unique concept of sound and vision for over thirty years. His persona was born of silent film. The name comes from a killer butler encountered by Laurel and Hardy in their first film Do Detectives Think? (1927), for which he has composed a soundtrack score.

I was so thrilled to find video footage of Nash live on stage at the Opera House in Toronto, Halloween 1989. I was actually there for this show, and it was amazing (well, from what I can remember, at least – ah, youth).

A little bit of Madolin fueled flash back zen, for your listening enjoyment.

Friday Zen – Little Old Lady French Bulldogs

Friday French Bulldog Zen

I love puppies – I love watching them play, I love smelling puppy breath, I love their little pink feet and their little pink ears. My truest love, however, will always be my senior citizens. Sure, they’re not as playful as puppies, but they’re not as high maintenance, either. They’re content to hang out, have a nap, enjoy the warmth from the fireplace. The older I get, the more I appreciate my old dogs.

Tessa and her daughter Sailor have had a tumultuous relationship. Even now, in old age, they’ll still occasionally try to kick each others asses, but more often they just snuggle up together, forming Frenchie bunk beds and cleaning each others faces.

This was one of those moments.

Friday Zen – Frenchies and Babies

French Bulldog plus babies equals Friday Zen

These twin babies obviously have a special bond with their own personal Frenchie, Zaboo. Face licking Frenchie plus giggling babies equals fun, fun, fun.

Normally, I would preface any video about dog/kid interaction with some caveats, but let’s just assume that anyone watching this already knows all the stuff about supervised play, etc etc.