Happy Birthday Dear Puppies!

I was so busy over the last few weeks that I forgot to do a “Happy Birthday” post for Bunny’s puppies. The fat little hamsters turned one week old on Sunday, and continue to increase exponentially in cuteness. At this rate, they will be a virtual black hole of adorableness within the month, sucking in everything in their vicinity and creating a swirling vortex of candy floss scented kawaii none of us will be able to escape.

In one week, here’s what has happened in the Bun Bun Babies’ world:

– we’ve all doubled our birth weights
– we still can’t see or hear, but our senses of smell, taste and touch are all active and strong
– we now have ‘activated sleep’, where we twitch and jerk and sometimes make little yipping sounds. Active sleep increases the puppy’s respiratory strength, among other things.
– we nurse vigorously, and will happily knock our siblings out of the way to get to a really choice nipple

More photos, as always, over on Flickr. Oh, and still no babies from Delilah yet, but the clock is most definitely ticking.

Monkey Dog Love….

Prepare to die from the kawaii

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