When is a Frenchie not a Frenchie?

Pit Fighting Frenchies

According to the author of this newspaper article about an Arkansas “Pit Bull” attack, a Frenchie is not a Frenchie when it’s actually a Pit Bull. Ditto Bostons and (English) Bulldogs, by the way.

The American Pit Bull Terrier was bred first to bait bulls and bears. When baiting bulls was deemed inhumane, dog fighting became more popular, and the pit bull was used in the sport. The term pit bull today is used to refer to the specific breed as well as the Boxer, English Bulldog, Olde English Bulldogge, American Bulldog, French Bulldog, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, Valley Bulldog, Boston Terrier and Bull Mastiff.

Note this sentence: “The term pit bull today is used to refer”.

Funny enough, that’s actually sort of accurate – after all, moronic politicians across the world have been referring to Boxers, Bulldogs, Frenchies, Pugs, Dogues De Bordeux, Bullmastiffs and just about any other dog breed you care to imagine as “Pit Bulls”.

In fact, the ‘term’ Pit Bull is pretty much just that – a ‘term’, used as a catch all to encompass just about any short haired, slightly blocky headed dog breed or mixed breed dog, anywhere in size from 15 pounds to 200 pounds. It no longer means anything – and it certainly no longer means the singular dog that the term was originally meant to designate, the breed now known as the American Pit Bull Terrier or American Staffordshire Terrier.

Consider Animal Control in Sarnia, Ontario. They, like so many other ACs in so many other cities, put the onus on the owners of dogs deemed to be ‘substantially like’ a Pit Bull to prove that their dog is NOT one. For Sarnia AC, paperwork proving parentage is not proof of the breed of the dog itself (don’t try to think about this too hard, as it will only cause your head to hurt).

So, if I was to walk Pickle, for example, through Sarnia – on a leash, law abiding and minding our own business – Sarnia AC could still pick Pickle up, impound her, and sentence her to euthanasia. And, since I have not yet registered her litter, the fact that I can prove that her mother is a French Bulldog and her father is a French Bulldog would not be enough for me to prove that she is a French Bulldog.

Of course, in some cities it would not matter if I could prove that she is a French Bulldog, since French Bulldog = Pit Bull = Banned = Dead.

Also, let me point out that a few cities out there have banned Pugs.

This is like banning marshmallows for having too many hard corners. It’s like banning kittens for being not fluffy enough. It’s like listening to idiot politicians who have zero clue about dog breeds, and ignoring the actual experts with concrete knowledge of dog bite issues.

It’s like living in Ontario, where Michael Bryant can drag a cyclist to his death, and come out of it as the injured party who was in fear for his life.

Let’s Look at Some Puppies

Thanks for not letting Michael Bryant run us over!

Thanks for not letting Michael Bryant run us over!

Do you know what I do when I’m having a bad week? I go outside, sit in a chair, and look at puppies. Puppies in the grass, puppies sun tanning their bellies, puppies pouncing on each other from on top of rocks, puppies piled up in big sleepy puppy piles.

An hour of that, and I feel much better.

If your head, like mine, is exploding from reading comments about how we should all ‘give Michael Bryant the benefit of the doubt’, gaze on the following photos of these nice, short coated, bully breed puppies, and join me in saying a prayer of thanks that the murderous asshole in question never managed to include us in his stupid ban. Then say another prayer for all of the dogs who were included, and who’ve died as a result of it.

Then look at some more puppies, and smile.

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Pit Bull Ban Author Fail!

Michael Bryant Kills Cyclist

Is schadenfreude ever excusable? I hope so, because I’m having a serious case of it right now….

Ontario’s Former AG Michael Bryant-Author of Bill 132 in Trouble

From the Toronto Star –

Former Ontario attorney general Michael Bryant is being questioned by police this morning after a cyclist was struck and killed last night.

Bryant was taken into custody following the incident and police are trying to determine whether to charge him, said Sgt. Tim Burrows. Police did say alcohol was not involved.

Burrows would not confirm witness reports the cyclist jumped on the car after a collision around 9:45 p.m. on Bloor St., just west of St. Thomas St., and began fighting with the driver of a black Saab.

Witnesses said the cyclist hung onto the driver’s side of the car, which had its convertible top down, while the driver allegedly yelled at him to get off.

The vehicle was driving on the wrong side of the road and drove up on to a curb trying to knock the cyclist off for about 100 metres, witnesses said.

“Lots of people were watching and they couldn’t believe what was happening,” said Ryan Brazeau, a worker with a crew laying sewer pipes on Bloor.

Yeah, I guess this is the guy we should all be listening to when it comes to dangerous dog legislation. Takes one to know one, it seems.

Or, as Kate put it over on the small dead animals blog,

Since the law’s enactment in 2005, pit bulls have killed fewer Ontarians than former attorney general Michael Bryant;

“Burrows could not explain why the driver crossed lanes of traffic and drove up onto the curb.”

Well, duh. Obviously he thought it was a Pit Bull attached to his car.