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Missing French Bulldog in Michigan

Missing French Bulldog in Michigan

Ty is a Missing French Bulldog from Michigan

Please help bring this little guy home to his parents. He’s been missing since September, and his parents are understandably frantic.

Name: Ty
Lost: September 30, 2010
Location: Shiawassee County, MI

Could have been taken by car, so far no one that I have found in the
town knows anything, and has not seen anything. Last sighting may have
been in Davidson MI, Bristol and Irish Rd.

Neutered Male. 12 inches tall. 2 inch stub tail. Standing Bat Ears.
Black/Brindle. White on chest and chin. Friendly. Pug-face. Is always

Call Any hour with any sightings.
989-413-1747 or 989-286-2128

Facebook page/photos/updates:


This is my dog… feel free to contact me with any questions. thank
you for your help. Shelters, vets, police, neighbors, restaurants,
breeders, news papers, have all been notified. Posted have been posted
around town, and some surrounding towns, however he is still not home.
I’m thinking he was picked up because no one has even called with a
direction he went.

Additional Images:

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