PJ’s Pet Stores to Stop Supporting Puppy Mills

Dinglehopper was sold by Hunte Corporation to a former PJ’s Pet Store location


I have written before (ok, several times) about my complete and utter loathing for PJ’s Pet Stores, the notorious Canada wide chain of pet super stores, who for years have been the bane of our existence for Canadians opposed to the sale of puppies (and kittens) in pet stores.

PJ’s Pet Stores were a particularly egregious example of the “upscale” puppy peddling pet store, with shiny display cases full of stupefyingly over priced puppies (I have the bill of sale for a Boxer/Boston cross who was purchased from PJ’s for the stunning sum of $3200, and helped place a French Bulldog who sold through the former PJ’s store in the upscale Yorkdale Shopping Center for $4800).


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