PJ’s Pet Stores to Stop Supporting Puppy Mills

Dinglehopper was sold by Hunte Corporation to a former PJ’s Pet Store location


I have written before (ok, several times) about my complete and utter loathing for PJ’s Pet Stores, the notorious Canada wide chain of pet super stores, who for years have been the bane of our existence for Canadians opposed to the sale of puppies (and kittens) in pet stores.

PJ’s Pet Stores were a particularly egregious example of the “upscale” puppy peddling pet store, with shiny display cases full of stupefyingly over priced puppies (I have the bill of sale for a Boxer/Boston cross who was purchased from PJ’s for the stunning sum of $3200, and helped place a French Bulldog who sold through the former PJ’s store in the upscale Yorkdale Shopping Center for $4800).


For almost a decade, many of us have lobbied against PJ’s, while those of us who do rescue have dealt with the fall out of their trade in badly bred puppies, sold on demand to unprepared buyers.

The tide has begun turning against PJ’s in the last few years. Rumors flew that PJ’s lease at Yorkdale wasn’t renewed partially because management were sick of protests and complaints, and Toronto City Council were discussing a ban on live animal sales in Toronto pet stores, putting them on board with the policy instituted in Richmond, BC, and under discussion in Vancouver, Edmonton and several other cities.

A press release from PJ’s has them bowing today to the inevitable –

PJ’s Pets and Pets Unlimited have announced that they will no longer sell puppies in any of their stores. As of September 1st, their focus will be to support pet adoption services in an effort to find homes for thousands of pets in local SPCA’s, Humane Societies, rescue groups and shelters across the country.

PJ’s wisely seems to have decided that, rather than being mandated out of business, they will attempt to take the high road. I’m not complaining, either – let’s just hope that the last few remaining hold outs decide to do the same.

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  1. Social Mange
    Social Mange says:

    The thing that’s keeping me up about this…well, two things.

    What will happen to all the puppy mill dogs that are no longer ATMs for the despicable owners? Will there be shelters and rescues full of those unsocialized and potentially unadoptable dogs? Or will they just be shot and dumped in a ditch, or just dumped? Will PJ’s help deal with the aftermath of the years of puppy milling?

    When will PJ’s stop selling kittens, work with rescues and get the kittens socialized? A kitten that grows up in a fishbowl (the store display) is not a socialized kitten.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      You would be surprised at how quickly puppy mill dogs acclimate into wonderful pets. Our French Bulldog rescue sees them all the time – dogs who have every reason to hate people, and be unfriendly, withdrawn and shy of people, but who leap out of the cage ready to love the first person who offers them a lap. I often think that there’s no pet more devoted than a dog who has been rescued from a puppy mill. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been so starved for affection for so many years. Of course, I deal with a breed that tends to be ridiculously people friendly. It might be a different matter for breeds who tend to be shy in general.

      I don’t think many, if any, will be shot or dumped in a ditch. Why waste gas, or a bullet, when rescues like ours will take the dog off your hands, and give you cash money for doing so? Win/win.

      Of course, at the end of the day, a handful of Canadian pet stores are such a minuscule drop in the bucket, especially in light of the American market. Canadian pet stores probably sold less dogs in a year than the combined US stores sell in a month.

      From what I understand, they will no longer sell kittens, either.

      • frogdogz
        frogdogz says:

        I stand corrected, they are going to keep selling kittens. Apparently a leopard can’t change its spots, and a scumbag can’t stop being a scumbag.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      I wonder how many people know about kitten mills.

      I’m sure there are lots. There also seem to be a lot of cat rescues who tip over the edge into hoarding.. I’m about to blog about one.

  2. Marie
    Marie says:

    That IS good news. Hopefully they will follow suit with the kittens too. We still need to keep educating people on not buying those puppies and kittens. If we can end the demand the supply will have to stop. Its all about the money.

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