Bun Pups at 2 Weeks Old, and meet the new kid!

Friday heads for the hills

Friday heads for the hills

I can’t believe how much the little munchkins have grown in two weeks. The littlest boy, Friday, is already up on his feet and motoring around the whelping box. He’s a wiry little thing – when you pick him up, he almost does a back flip out of your hand. His brother, on the other hand, is doing an excellent job of impersonating a beached walrus. He wakes up for food, but pick him and he’s content to just lie there in your hand, getting his tummy rubbed. Little Miss Mine is also of the ‘beached walrus’ school of thought – “why move? Food comes to me, which is as it should be”. Lately, she’s been eating so much her wittle belly hurts, which has made for  a few fun nights. Colicky puppies, like colicky babies, are the enemies of sleep.

You can see the rest of the photos here.

Pretty Girl in the Snow

Pretty Girl in the Snow

We also have a new addition to introduce – Little Miss No Name Number Two, aka LadyBug (her breeder’s name), aka our new Mastiff puppy. She comes to us from Jospeh and Connie Lovece, of MCF Mastiffs.

We could not be more thrilled with this (big) little girl – she’s already learned ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stand’ (yes, Hope – I’m using a clicker!!), and we’re working on “peeing is for outside”. She loves the snow – and considering where we live, that’s very good thing. She and Brigid are slowly making friends – Brigid at first was stunned, but now they’re sleeping curled up in the same bed with each other, and generally being pals. As for names, we’re mulling them over. I like McKenzie, even though we’d be stealing it from Gina, while Sean likes Colette. I voted for June Bug, but got over ruled.

By the way, Connie has GiGi, from Barb, which allows us to play a nice little game of “Six Degrees of Separation” – Connie has Gigi, Gigi was out of our Dark Lola, Lola went to live with Lauren in NYC, and then Lauren got Harley from us, who is Bunny’s puppy from her first litter.

Let’s face it, get a Frenchie from us, and like it or not, you’re part of one great big extended family.

Bunny’s Puppies at 11 Days

How time flies when you’re having fun!

The Bun-lets are eleven days old, and getting cuter by the minute. Have a look!

Bunny Puppies Update

Don't hate me because I'm adorable

Don't hate me because I'm adorable

When it comes to newborn puppies, no news is generally good news. Bunny’s puppies fall into that category, at least so far. They’re growing like weeds, eating like little piglets and generally being adorable and snuggly and sweet.

This means I’ve had more rest than I usually get with a litter of puppies, and less stress, and that equals – more time to take photos! Photos are after the cut, at the end of the post.

Videos are another story – I have a new Camcorder, and it’s not playing nice with iMovie. I have to convert the digital clips to mpegs, and THEN import them to iMovie for editing. A pain in the ass, and a big old time suck, too. If I’d give in and upgrade to iMovie 10 (or whatever the newest version is), I wouldn’t face this issue. Instead, I’d face the issue of an editing interface that sucks serious amounts of suckage, and no ability to edit soundtracks. Win/loss!

So, here’s a crappily edited video made using the sucky editing software that came with the Camcorder. Still, you get to see OMG PUppIeS!!!!

Photos and videos after the cut. Read more

Bunny’s Little Girl

Fawn Pied Newborn French Bulldog PuppyDo I even need to mention how head over heels in love I am with this little girl?

This photo shows the little girl’s ‘fawn’ side. Her hood (ie; the circle over her eye) is a biscuit color, trimmed with black around the outside edges, and with black eye rims. You can also see the distinctive black ‘freckle’ just above and to the left of the eye – a feature almost always seen on black masked fawns, and very rarely if ever on brindles.

Puzzlingly, her off side hood has NO coloration inside of it – it is almost uniformly black. I assume that this is simply because it is a smaller hood, and the outside black trim almost fills it in completely.

It’s entirely possible that by a few weeks of age, I’ll think she’s a different color altogether. For now, though, she’s a fawn pied – at least in my books.

Bunny Babies

Bunny and Petal

Bunny and Petal, relaxing in the sun

Good news! An ultrasound this morning confirmed that Bunny is, indeed, with child. Apparently all of that plastic chewing has been fulfilling a necessary dietary gap in her prenatal diet. Even so, I think we’re going to insist she stick to actual food from now on (or at least until the kids arrive).

We saw two puppies on the ultrasound, complete with heart beats. There might have been one more, lurking in the background and acting all shy about having its photo taken, but we’re not counting on it. We’ll just call it two and be happy with that. Look for a ton of Bunny baby photos coming the end of February or so…

Delilah will be at day thirty by next weekend. As usual with her, we’re on again/off again – one minute we look and think “Yeah, she might be”, and the next we look and think “There’s no way”. As usual, Delilah has her own opinions on the subject.

Delilah says...