Bullmarket French Bulldog Breeders

Bunny’s Little Girl

Fawn Pied Newborn French Bulldog PuppyDo I even need to mention how head over heels in love I am with this little girl?

This photo shows the little girl’s ‘fawn’ side. Her hood (ie; the circle over her eye) is a biscuit color, trimmed with black around the outside edges, and with black eye rims. You can also see the distinctive black ‘freckle’ just above and to the left of the eye – a feature almost always seen on black masked fawns, and very rarely if ever on brindles.

Puzzlingly, her off side hood has NO coloration inside of it – it is almost uniformly black. I assume that this is simply because it is a smaller hood, and the outside black trim almost fills it in completely.

It’s entirely possible that by a few weeks of age, I’ll think she’s a different color altogether. For now, though, she’s a fawn pied – at least in my books.

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