The Art of French(ie) Cooking

A photo of my world famous (ha!) Fussy Frenchie Meaty Muffins


The French Bulldog Village is doing a fund raising cookbook, and they need your help!

Do you know a cookie or treat recipe that has all the dogs in your neighborhood begging for more? Have you cooked up the ultimate ring bait or training snack? We’d love to share it with the world! We’re also looking for awesome photos of amazing Frenchies, to be published in our cookbook!

Full details are after the cut, and info on cookbook ordering will be coming soon!


The Art of French(ie) Cooking - a Cookbook for French Bulldog Rescue

The Art of French(ie) Cooking … Biscuits and bonbons for discerning chiens

by the Volunteers of French Bulldog Village (That’s us, everyone! It takes The Village to write a cookbook.)

We’ve formed a team: Jennifer D’Eugenio, Jan Hardesty and Lynne Scott. We’ve cooked up a plan. Now there’s only one more ingredient we need … YOU! We need your homemade dog treat recipes, the ones your little darlings beg for, dance for, even let you trim their nails for! Please help us write the best French(ie) cookbook ever. Here are the guidelines for sending your cookbook contributions:



  1. Treats only, please. We’re looking for dog treats, but might fit in a French kitty treat or two if you send them and we have room.
  2. Send as many recipes as you wish, but please limit your photos (see below).
  3. The recipe needs to be yours. It might have started in a book, but should have morphed so much over time it’s your recipe now. We mustn’t violate copyrights.
  4. Title your recipe and give yourself credit for it (Bow Wow! Biscuits by Lynne Scott).
  5. Proofread your recipe. Make sure it includes all the ingredients and clear, concise directions. We won’t be kitchen testing these, so it’s up to you.
  6. Send recipes in Microsoft Word or pdf format. Don’t use fancy fonts or formatting or colors. They’ll just slow your Cookbook Committee down.


  1. Please send a minimum of two photos or a maximum of four. Period. Not per recipe.
  2. We need multiple photos so we have a wide selection to choose from. We will NOT print all of the photos we receive.
  3. Please send the highest resolution, best photos you have. We’ll try to perk them up if they need it, but we can’t perform miracles! :o)
  4. Include a pet in your photo—any size, shape, color, species or breed. This is a French(ie) cookbook, but everyone loves French(ie) cooking, even German Shepherds and Bengal cats!
  5. Tell us (briefly) about your photos in your cover email:
    Photo1: Lynne Scott’s granddaughter Sabrine with FBV rescue Sadie.
    Photo2: Lynne Scott’s Frenchies, Rosie (fawn) and Darla (brindle)
  6. Name your photos accordingly so Photo1 is Sabrine/Sadie and Photo2 is Rosie/Darla.
  7. Please submit recipes and photos together under the same cover email.

The Cookbook Committee reserves the right to select the recipes and the photos we use. We’ll try to use everything, but can’t make promises. We hope we run out of space and need to publish The Art of French(ie) Cooking, Volume 2 next year. But that’s a different chapter! We won’t publish duplicate recipes (or near duplicates). If need be, we’ll toss a coin to pick one.

To make the holiday shopping season, books MUST be printed and on sale by November 1, latest. So, we need your recipes and photos as quickly as possible. Make your submissions to fbvcookbook@gmail. com

If you have questions, send them to and we’ll get back to you as quickly possible.

Are you ready? Let’s get cooking!

… The Cookbook Committee

7 replies
  1. Puck Sez
    Puck Sez says:

    Those Fussy Frenchie Meaty Muffins are da bomb! Unfortunately, when My Lady of the Opposable Thumbs bakes them, she makes like Mother Theresa and ends up packaging and distributing (too) many of them to the other canine residents of the building. I’m putting the Cookbook on my Christmas list, and we will be following up with the FBVillage. B&L, I’m a 2002 FBRN graduate, and I continue to support them.

    • The Cletus Residence
      The Cletus Residence says:

      If it’s Puck, it has to be the Frenchie formerly known as Chuckie, and the lady of the opposable thumbs must be Carol! He must be 10 years old now – has he taken over all of NYC yet??

      • Puck Sez
        Puck Sez says:

        It is indeed! Puck will turn 11 in February. I think the overall “threat level” in NYC has been lowered, but within the West Village, Chelsea, and Soho, Puck remains at large and in possession of total recall of those establishments with biscuits on offer! He’s a little grizzled now, and in possession of these crazy, Andy Rooney-esque gray eyebrows, but remains an indefatigable walker. I can’t imagine the mileage we have logged over the years, and hope for many more to come. We give thanks for your matchmaking skills on a weekly basis. Our best to you and yours.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      By the way, I have edited and tinkered with the Fussy Frenchie Meaty Muffins recipe. It’s now healthier, salt and corn free, and slightly higher in beta carotene and omega 3s.

      But… you’ll just have to order the cookbook to find out!

  2. crankbunny
    crankbunny says:

    I am one of those Mother Teresa characters too! When I make a batch its usually to treat everyone in my building & friends dogs. You can bribe anyone with them I swear!

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