Does Organic Really Matter in Raw Pet Food?

I have been immersed in the world of organic pet food lately, and I’ve discovered some interesting things.

For the people who really, truly care about this issue, almost nothing is more important to them when it comes to their pet food ingredients. They want 100% Organic certified ingredients, and nothing else will do.

Other people feel it depends a great deal on price – if they can get organic raw dog or cat food, for a price that’s in line with what they pay for their non organic raw pet food, they’ll pick the organic brand.

A final group either don’t really care one way or the other, or feel that organic is more about hype than it is about real benefits, at least when it comes to their pet’s raw diet.

How about you? I’d appreciate your feedback. How much does that “Organic Certified” label mean to you, when you’re shopping for raw dog or cat food for your pets?



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  1. H. Houlahan
    H. Houlahan says:

    I clicked the “hype” button.

    ‘Twas not always so. But “organic” and its certification have been taken over by the Big Guys.

    I’m prioritizing small and local, same as I do for myself. Buy my meat from the local custom slaughterhouse — the guys who process that one cow or two lambs for the small farmers who raise them for themselves and friends, who butcher the 4H steers and pigs from the farm show. Whose owner and employees know who I am when I phone up.

  2. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    I voted take it or leave it, I’m pretty comfortable saying its mostly hype these which isn’t to say its not a good thing when done right….

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Marji —

      How do you determine this from the products you buy? ie; what criteria are you looking for that allows you to decide that the ingredients were more cruelty free? I really would appreciate your feedback on this, and I agree it’s something we should all be striving for.

      Personally, I am less concerned about a product being ‘officially’ organic than I am about knowing that the animals were given a chance at a reasonable quality of life before being slaughtered.

  3. crankbunny
    crankbunny says:

    All I care about is where the meat is coming from – I want happy farm animals w/no chemicals.
    I take organic certification with a grain of salt because in the US there are ways for companies to get certified and their conditioning/processing/finishing(somanyf’interms)etc aren’t what one would assume is ‘organic’ or humane. I try to just buy my meat directly from farmers, or a butcher that has a good relationship with a local small farm. Its the way I eat, so its the way the dog eats too.

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