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The Infamous Mystery Clock Unveiled!

Thanks to everyone who donated to the French Bulldog Village’sWe’ll Stop at Nothing” fundraiser, Kimberly Rice has reluctantly agreed to unveil the mystery clock.

Here is Charlotte’s official announcement –

Here is the infamous mystery clock!

The fundraiser was dominated hands down by Kristen Boone of MD, with Tyree Pace of California coming in a determined but distant second. Altogether, we raised $425.00 for the privilege of revealing the mystery clock in all its ugliness. Thank you to all who contributed to make this fundraiser possible.

We finally got to see the clock! Aw, Kimberly, it’s not that bad. Interesting muzzle, and I love the big stitches ala Frankenstein holding together the left side of the face!

Enjoy the clock, Kristen!

And, here it is –

French Bulldog Village's Mystery Clock Unveiled!

French Bulldog Village's Mystery Clock Unveiled!

Kimberly had a few words to say, in her own defense –


If for one minute you thought I was fibbing about the true UGLINESS of this clock–well, here is the proof. OH MY GOSH!!! I cannot believe you are going to actually publish this!!!

I am going to have to send Kristin a REAL clock—I will let her pick the color and design. this one is just disturbing.

The muzzle even looks like it is bleeding.

Well, maybe not so much ‘in her own defense’, but at least she’s honest about this odd little clock’s faults. Personally, I think that this ‘ugly’ little clock (which was the forerunner of so many other, attractive clocks) is the absolute PERFECT fundraiser for French Bulldog Village, and the French Bulldogs that they help.

After all, FBV doesn’t always get the prettiest Frenchies into rescue. In fact, FBV seems to get more than its fair share of the halt, the lame and the down right ‘disturbing’ dogs. Look at poor Bella – hairless and stinky and not exactly a French Bulldog beauty queen. And yet in her own way, Bella IS beautiful – just like this clock, Kimberly. Your clock shines with inner beauty (OK, maybe that’s just the glare off of the bloody stitches, but you get the idea).

Either way, now you can’t say that you haven’t been forewarned – when it comes to raising money for French Bulldogs (and the occasional pug, Frenchie mix, and ‘oh, what the hell – if you squint it sorta looks like a Frenchie’), FBV will STOP AT NOTHING!

And remember, just because this fundraiser is over doesn’t mean that you can’t still give to FBV. After all, the world needs to have a place where the not so pretty French Bulldogs can turn to for help, and that place is French Bulldog Village. Let’s help them keep their doors open, so that no dog is turned away.

Use the paypal button below to give – don’t make us show you more photos of the clock.

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