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This Week’s Best Google Search Terms


Oh, teh Google – how do we love thee? Enough to mock the search terms people use on you, at the very least.

Here are this week’s top five “WTF?” search terms people used to get from their there to my here –

  1. zombies, attack, ice cubs, flame

    OK, I’m going to assume this has to do with the drink known as the zombie. Otherwise, if zombies are attacking you? Not the time to be googling for help. You should have prepared for this eventuality months ago. Slacker. Also, Zombies totally aren’t afraid of ice cubs. I am, though.

  2. beagles in my pajamas

    So many options. You’re looking for beagle patterned PJs? The dog has learned how to dress himself? The acid flashbacks have kicked in again? Hard to say.

  3. What toys do french bulls like?

    Given a choice, French Bulls would probably love to play with these guys.

  4. does my french bull dog like me?

    Sean, stop googling this. Delilah does love you – she just has an odd way of showing it.

  5. how much monet to buy a french bulldog

    Based on recent auction prices, I’m thinking just one Monet should get you an entire pack of French Bulldogs. Shoot, for that price I’ll sell you Sean (but I’m keeping Delilah. She doesn’t even really like him anyways).

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