Bullmarket French Bulldog Breeders

They win!

I thought the Hellion-ettes had accomplished something when they removed the downspout.

Turns out, they were mere pikers in the ‘let’s redecorate the house game’, as proven in this photo, sent to us by Janeen of the wonderful Smart Dogs Blog

How to show your owners you're bored

Impressive! Truly impressive. But have they removed the siding yet?

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  1. SmartDogs
    SmartDogs says:

    Thank doG no!

    Actually, they’re usually exceptionally well-behaved dogs. And, um, well, because I charge people for dog training advice one would hope that my beasties don’t generally run amok.

    Zorro, the dog in the photo, is my wild child. Some day I’ll post stories of his adventures in deer and wild turkey hunting, cake diving, parading my undies, the attempted retrieve of an airplane and more.

    SmartDogs’s last blog post..Dog Jack – Pitbull War Hero

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