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13 Postitive Media Stories on the Michael Vick Pit Bulls

John Garcia, a caregiver at the Best Friends sanctuary, tries to teach abused dogs to trust people.

I almost wonder if we’re in the middle of a revolution. Could the tide finally, finally be turning?

Could media stories about killer monster Pit Bulls be falling out of fashion?

Could the press finally be realizing that people love to read happy ending stories about cuddly Pit Bulls leading fulfilling lives?

Wouldn’t it be nice…. and wouldn’t it be nice if that tide was enough to wash away Ontario’s idiotic, press driven breed slaughtering specific legislation?

Hey, Mr. Media Journalist! Hey, you! Look at all the press frenzy a Pit Bull positive story can generate? Someone out there is getting a Pulitzer for this, trust us! Wouldn’t you like a Pulitzer, too? I bet you would. So, read these top Thirteen press positive stories on the Vick Pit Bulls, and go write your own!

Oh, and Peta? You and the HSUS?

Are you realizing yet what a bad, bad, badly chosen side of this argument you came down on? Are you feeling stupid yet, looking at all those pictures of happy, face licking Pit Bulls?

I bet you are. I just bet you are.

(note – most of these links are from those tireless fighters for justice over at Bad Rap. You guys rock. so. much.)

1. Cheryl Wittenauer’s wonderful AP article, on CNN

2. Dan Simon’s great article on CNN – in which he makes sure to mention that HSUS and PETA wanted the dogs murdered killed euthanized

3. NPR did several positive stories on the dogs – here, and here. These are snippets linked to the audio file of the broadcast.

4. Tim Racer of Bad Rap’s appearance on CNN (sensing a theme here? You go, CNN). Watch the video clip here.

5. Juliet Macur of the New York Times did a wonderful, full page story on the dogs Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is caring for. I dare you not to cry when you read about Georgia. I just dare you.

6. If Fox News – never before known as a bastion of unbiased news reporting – is doing positive stories on Pit Bulls, can the rest of the media be far behind? See Pibble Johnny Racer on Fox News here

7. TV Station KPIX did two nice News Clips with great quotes

8. A positive article on SFGate.com

9. A news clip detailing National Geographic show ‘Dogtown’s upcoming feature on the dogs

10. Anderson Cooper’s 360 did a wonderful report on the Best Friends dogs. There’s video footage here

11. A Positive news story by John Sasaki of KTVU

12. Great stories in the Mercury News – here, and here

And finally….

13. Full color, multi page coverage in People frickin’ Magazine!

People Article on Vick Pit Bulls

Watch the Bad Rap video on the People Magazine photo shoot…And happy Valentine’s Day to every single Pit Bull, and to their people!

9 replies
  1. MAC`s GANG
    MAC`s GANG says:

    I`ve watched the videos and read the stories over and over again.
    Tim and Donna and others at BadRap are to be congratulated.
    Kudos to the Press that have picked up their stories.

    These dogs are in the limelight only because they were abused by an ex(Let`s hope) high profile football player.

    There are thousands of dogs just like these dogs.
    They`re waiting in shelters for people to give them a chance.
    They`re waiting for their stories to be told.
    They`re in our homes,playing with kids and other dogs.
    They are visiting Seniors in Nursing homes.

    These are the stories we want to see.
    We want to see the truth.
    We want to see responsible reporting.

  2. Nicholas
    Nicholas says:

    When I was a police officer in London I dealt with several cases involving pitbulls that had attacked people or other dogs. In every case it was “My dog wouldn’t hurt a fly.” which was absolutely true, until the moment that the red mist came down and they mutilated a child, adult or another dog. They may be affectionate but they are inherently unstable and are like wild animals in that respect — they can never be completely tamed. That is why in England they cannot be taken out of doors un-muzzled or unleashed. They may also not be bred. There are untold number of other dog breeds available without adding this volatile one to the mix. Now I am over here(Florida) it always takes me aback to see these dangerous creatures out and about on nothing more than a meagre leash.

    Nicholas’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #44

  3. Donna
    Donna says:

    thank you for posting this frogdogger! we’re all lovin’ the love for the pit bulls this year has brought.

    and yes mac’sgang — love for the forgotten ones is sorely needed in 2008. let’s hope — no, let’s DEMAND that some of these good vibes and sensible media spins spill over into the dark places on this planet (and that includes the UK – ancestral birthplace of our beloved bully friends)

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