Brigid French Bulldog Puppies on Frenchie Puppy Cam

If you haven’t been watching our newly re introduced French Bulldog puppy cam, you’re missing out. The cam, on periodically throughout the day, is a close up view of the puppies, doing the things puppies do – eating, sleeping, rolling around, kicking their feet in the air, and generally being adorable. The cam isn’t on all day (we have country internet with a usage cap, and running it 24/7 would kill us), but I announce when it’s on via Twitter and Facebook. Here’s the link –

The cam (which is a Dropcam, and I can NOT recommend it highly enough!!) works on all desktop computers, but on mobile devices you might have to install the Dropcam app, look up the cam feed, and watch via the app. If all of that sounds like just too much work, check out this timelapse video, of a single afternoon on the live cam – and then you’ll know what you’re missing!


French Bulldog Puppy Playtime Video!

I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are, but we’ve been snowed in more days this winter than I can count. That’s ok, though, because what better way is there to spend a snow day than playing on the floor with a pack of French Bulldog puppies?

Here’s a video of Viola’s five Frenchie puppies, and their ‘big sister’, Squishii. French Bulldog puppy playtime is the best playtime of all!

News report on the murdered French Bulldogs of Criadero D Kasta

The following Ecuadorean news report details the murders of the French Bulldogs of Criadero D Kasta. I will warn you – this is EXTREMELY graphic and potentially triggering footage.

I was initially unable to watch all of it, but forced myself to do so.



Remember, this footage is posted in hopes that it will motivate you to HELP us to achieve justice for the murdered French Bulldogs of Criadero D Kasta.

Things you can do:

  1. Sign the petition to the change the laws regarding dog crimes in Ecuador.
    This petition will be sent to Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa. amd to the Government of Ecuador, asking them to create and enforce laws making harming or killing dogs a crime. The petition is in Spanish, but you can sign it in any language, and signatures from around the world are welcome and encouraged. Signers from the USA will find their country listed under États-Unis.
  2. Tweet this story, and your outrage, using the hashtag #JusticiaDkasta , and follow JusticiaDkasta on Twitter.
  3. A well known European breeder has offered to donate two French Bulldogs to Tania and Angel, to help to fill the terrible holes left in their lives. If you can, please donate to help to cover their travel costs. Note: GOAL ACHIEVED – THANK YOU! Any additional donated funds will be earmarked to help Angel and Tania with their relocation to a safer property, and possibly to transport another donated puppy to them.
  4. Network and Share! Re share this story on Facebook, Twitter and on your own blog. Do you have friends in media, in publicity, in the entertainment field? Ask them to share this story. The more voices me make heard, the better the chances for justice for the dogs of Criadero D’ Kasta. If you re share stories on Facebook, please hashtag them #justiciadkasta
  5. Join the Facebook Page – Justice for the French Bulldogs of Criadero D Kasta
    Updates on the case, along with photographs and news, will be shared via this page. A lot of government officials pay close attention to how many ‘likes and shares’ stories like this get on Facebook. Let’s use that to our advantage.

The Homecoming – a Bullmarket Puppy Movie!

In between all of the craziness, I try to get in at least a few hours of French Bulldog puppy one on one play time every day. Lately, I’ve been practicing with the kids and their carrier bags, since all three puppies are flying under the seat to their new homes.

The cuteness inspired this new video…

Man Frees Coyote Trapped in Fence – Video

Coming fresh on the heels of the video of a Nova Scotia woman removing porcupine quills from a Raven is this video of an unnamed Canadian man helping to free a trapped coyote from a barbed wire fence.

The good samaritan is understandably cautious, repeatedly telling the Coyote, “Don’t bite me, ok?”, but he gets the job done, and seems thrilled when the coyote finally makes his escape.

Canadians – helping wounded wildlife is just what we do (and then we celebrate with a double double from Timmies).