No New Years Rant – Just Best Wishes

I’ve been quietly fuming about the HSUS for the past few days, and sat down at the keyboard ready to write a long, vitriol laden rant about the huge degree of their suckage – and then the email arrived from Thor’s new mommy and daddy.

It’s hard to maintain the desire to rant, when you’re admiring photos of a sweater clad Frenchie who appears to be composed of 90% ears.

So, no rant, no rave, no anger — Just the hope that 2009 is a fabulous year for all of us.

To all my fabulous Frenchie family members, who have opened their homes and heart to one of our puppies – thank you. If I didn’t have all of you, I wouldn’t have these beautiful dogs to share my life with. I appreciate each and every one of you, I appreciate each and every photo and note you send, and most of all, I appreciate knowing that you are homes I can trust and believe in, and that as much as I loved those pups when they were tiny, you love them even more now.

To the French Bulldog breeders from far and wide who share their knowledge, who make me laugh, who cry with me when things go wrong and congratulate me when things go right – my thanks, and big BIS ribbons for all you (unless I’m competing against you, in which case, it’s every man or woman for herself, biotches! haha!).

To all the bloggers who read what I write, and who provide me with hours of entertaining, educational, thought provoking, rant inducing writing – thanks for keeping at it, even when the comments are thin and you wonder “wtf am I doing this for?”.

To my family, friends and everyone else — hugs and love and home made shortbread cookies for everyone! And maybe tequila.

To my dogs, jeez would you guys TRY to stop farting in 2009? I’m looking at you, Journey. Tessa, you’re old and cranky just like me, and I hope you have 20 more years to spend at the foot of my bed, snorting, farting and drooling on the 300 thread count sheets.

To Sean, thanks for all the times you’ve fed the dogs without ever complaining (ok, or not complaining very often). Thanks for poop scooping, pee wiping, pen cleaning and puppy snuggling. You’re the man.

Happy New Years, everyone, and may you all have puppies on your lap to snuggle! Speaking of puppies, here’s Thor and his new mommy and daddy.

Changes to the UK French Bulldog Standard

Dog World Magazine in the UK has leaked the news that the Kennel Club has released revised standards to the breed clubs where such revisions were deemed necessary.

For French Bulldogs, changes are to be made to:

French Bulldog: Characteristics, head, eyes, ears, neck, body, hindquarters, tail.

This doesn’t really tell us much about just what, exactly, is being changed (other than almost everything, from the looks of this list). Where in all of this will we see suggestions to improve genetic health? Is there going to be a statement to judges to push them to choose only French Bulldogs with exemplary breathing? We really have no way of knowing, until an actual copy of the revised standard is released to the public.

You can see the full list plus comments here.

Our showing year is over for the moment – the weather in Ontario is notoriously bad in January and February, and our entries will be low. We’ll be heading back out in March, when the kids will also be old enough to hit the show ring. Puppies to show! What fun. I never expect my babies to do much, other than to have fun and be as adorable as possible. It’s mainly about getting them socialized and acclimated to the ring, as opposed to really winning anything.

Plus, hello? Itty bitty baby Frenchie puppies waddling around the ring? It doesn’t get much cuter than that. Speaking of cute, here are some photos of Ms. Heart, hanging out with our friend Kelly’s big Bullmastiff boy, Winston. Small, but mighty adorable is our little Miss…

Peta and HSUS Say "Screw You, OK Pit Bulls"

Those angels over at Bad Rap (and angels they truly are, as so many Pit Bulls can testify) have reported back on their experiences during the recent Oklahoma rescue case (for those of you who’ve been media deprived the past little while, a news clip on the story is available here).

Something jumped out at me when I was reading their report on the events in Oklahoma. In among all those tales of bravery and courage and hard work, this is what caught my eye.


The sheriffs of Kay County were in a bit of shock still after watching dogs drop dead at their feet. Once the perp was in jail, they had the messy problem of deciding what to do with the survivors. Peta encouraged them to kill every last one – natch – while much of the public was crying ‘Murder!’ for headlines that suggested they were going to do just that.

Note this, as well:

This is where we call for disaster relief assistance. Could someone please (please?) bring in quick reinforcements so the dogs could get out of the cold, if only for a short time so they can be evaluated? Messages went out to all the large orgs. The HSUS said “No,” citing a poor economy as their reason for staying home.

Pay attention to those two sections. The two BEST FUNDED, most affluent animal rights groups in the entire world – HSUS and Peta – both refused to help in this case – a case where hundreds of dogs were dying of starvation, exposed to the cold, and in dire need of help.

Remember HSUS, the group that so relentlessly and tirelessly fund raised on the backs of the Vick Pit Bulls?

HSUS decided to stay home, ‘because of the economy’. They said no – no to using some of those millions of dollars they raised, to help the very same kind of dogs that they raised all that money for.

They said “Sorry, our hedge funds took a nose dive. Guess those dogs will just have to starve/freeze/get euthanized by Peta. Screw you, and your sorry ass, no name Pit Bulls. But, hey – give us a call if you get another case involving abused celebrity Pit Bulls”.

Of course, I’m just paraphrasing here. I’m sure HSUS had a really, really excellent reason for telling all of those dogs and the people trying desperately to help them to get f*cked.

Peta’s only contribution to the entire situation was their usual cry of “Kill ’em all!”. For a group that espouses ‘rights for all animals’, they sure are quick to kill off Pit Bulls.  What is it Gina always says? Oh, right.

Why is anyone still listening to Peta?

Year end is upon us, and some of you are thinking about getting in those last minute donations. Can I suggest that you send your money to someone, anyone, other than those wankers at HSUS and Peta?

Send it to Banned Aid. Send it to Bad Rap. Send it to French Bulldog Village. Send it someone, anyone, who will use it to actually help animals, instead of using it produce more pointless, grand standing media circuses that don’t benefit anyone else but themselves.

The rest of the story from Bad Rap is here, and below is their heart breaking slide show of images from the site in Oklahoma. Don’t read the story without tissues, and the photos? The photos will break your heart. If I haven’t mentioned it before, you suck HSUS. You suck so much.

My Dogs Worship False Idols

I’ve been doing my semi annual “clean every damn thing in the house” ritual, for lo these last 48 hours. I’m pretty thorough about it, too – everything gets taken off shelves and dusted, from books to knick knacks.

Today, that involved cleaning and dusting all the crap stuff on my downstairs bookshelves, including the fugly “where the hell did I pick that up?” wooden folk art ram that usually sits on the top shelf. Here’s a close up of the ram, in his normal place atop the book shelf:

When bad collectibles happen to good people.

When bad collectibles happen to good people.

OK, sorta creepy, but nothing too out of the ordinary. As usual, when I dust I take everything down, and put it wherever I can find space. In this case, I stuck the ram on the window sill, next to the TV. I then forgot all about it, until Sean walked downstairs and asked me “What the hell Tula and Delilah were doing”.

What they were doing, apparently, was worshiping at the altar of their new personal God, the wooden ram.

"What was that, Lord Ram? Kill the humans in their sleep?"

"What was that, Lord Ram? Kill the humans in their sleep?"

You have to put this in context, OK? Tula and Delilah did not move from underneath the windowsill for a good twenty minutes. Occasionally, Delilah would get a little overly enthusiastic and try to climb up closer to the windowsill, in which case Tula would lay a beating on her, and then they’d both go back to their previous poses of attentive worship.

Delilah gets closer to God

Delilah gets closer to God

Twenty minutes. My dogs can’t stay focused on a steak for twenty minutes, let alone a wooden statue. It was starting to get a little bit creepy, so we put Lord Ram back up on top of the book shelf.

Didn’t help.

Oh Sky Ram, we still love you...

Oh Sky Ram, we still love you...

After about two hours of this, Tula had pretty much lost most of her interest. Not Delilah, though. She remained faithful – so faithful, in fact, that I felt compelled to break out the video camera.

It could be worse, I suppose. We could have had to break it to her that there’s no Santa Claus. Nah, she’d never believe that. My dogs KNOW there’s a Santa, and that they’re all on the ‘nice’ list, no matter how naughty they’ve been all year!

There are Dogs.. and There are French Bulldogs

I found this cartoon over on Medium Large. Pretty accurate, for most dogs at least.

If Dogs Made Christmas Lists

French Bulldogs, though? As anyone who owns one can attest, French Bulldogs operate on a whole new level altogether.

French Bulldog Christmas List Cartoon

Click either cartoon for a full sized version, and Happy Holidays!