French Bulldog Cards and Sculptures

When I lost Tessa, the cards and emails we received were truly comforting. It was really nice hearing about what an impact one little dog had made on so many lives.

One of the nicest gifts I received came in the mail one afternoon, in a small box. Inside, cradled in bubble wrap, was a tiny, handmade statue of Tessa. From the spots on her belly and the backs of her ears to the markings on her face, it is picture perfect, a little miniature gem of my most beautiful girl.

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Don’t sell puppies and kittens on Facebook!

A quick lesson in internet history.

When Craigslist and eBay first arrived on the scene, both allowed something that today would be unthinkable – they allowed pets to be sold via their websites. Both sites chose to ban pets being sold not because they had a sudden attack of their consciences, but because both were pressured by their users. Read more

Bunny’s French Bulldog Puppies at 8 Weeks

How time flies! The Bunny’s puppies are now 8 weeks old, and have each developed into their own distinct personality.

Friday, who was originally the ‘smallest’ boy, is now by far the largest. He’s VERY bold – the first one to jump into the middle of anything, the first one to insist on being allowed to go outside, the first one to climb through the table.

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Monkey Baby Customer Service FAIL

Well, our monkey baby arrived, but I have to say, I am totally not happy with it.

I was promised an adorable little baby Cappuccino monkey, but when I opened up the box, this is what I got.

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