Happy New Year! Let the rescues begin

File this under ‘it never rains but it pours’. Since the New Year, we’ve all been rather swamped with rescue inquiries – like the one from the people who bought their Frenchie mix puppy the week before Christmas, and decided the week after Christmas that they couldn’t keep her any more. Or the older single lady who was moving into a nursing home, and whose children didn’t want to take her two older French Bulldogs for her. Both of those scenarios got resolved, and things seemed to be back on an even keel, until today.

Today is when we heard about Winston, a French Bulldog puppy who has been through four homes, another rescue (we’ll be his second) and one (or maybe two) operations – and he’s just fifteen weeks old. Winston,  who has what we suspect might be permanent nerve damage from a rectal prolapse, wears a diaper and is a pretty happy go lucky guy, considering all he’s been through. He’s also going to be a pretty expensive little guy – just the initial ‘walk through the door’ appointment at Guelph is probably going to come with a $2,000 to $3,000 price tag, but it has to be done if there’s a chance that we can keep Winston’s condition from progressing from ‘needs a diaper’ to ‘paralyzed from the waist down and needs a diaper AND a mobility cart’.

Winston will be coming into the joint care of Eastern Canada French Bulldog Rescue and French Bulldog Last Chance Rescue this week – stay tuned for more details.

This evening, while we were still planning out Winston’s care and treatment I got a phone call about two more French Bulldogs in need. These ones come with a story so simply stunning that I am having a hard time absorbing all of it. They are safe for now, after being removed from a home where the woman who was planning to breed them was sleeping on the floor in a house empty of anything but dog crates and a half empty bag of food – which she and the dogs were sharing. Thankfully, they are being cared for by the couple who owned the house, and we’re making plans to go and get them as soon as we find a foster home willing and able to take them in. They sound like nice dogs, other than the female’s ear conditions.

You’d think that would be surprising – that dogs who came out of such a horror story could still be happy and well adjusted, but we see it time and again.  French Bulldogs somehow can manage to come out of the most horrific conditions, and yet still will happily lick the hand of the first person they meet.  There’s a lesson in that, someplace.

So, here’s what we need. We are looking for one or two foster homes, preferably in Southern Ontario, who are able to take these two adults in. We know they’re good with other dogs, but we have no idea about cats or kids. You’ll need to be willing to drive them to their vet appointments. We also need help with transports – can you help us to get these dogs from their current situation to their new foster homes? The couple looking after them would like to see them placed as soon as possible, so there is a degree of urgency. If you can foster and/or transport, please email us at rescue@frenchbulldogscanada.com

Finally, of course, we need money. Winston is going to be an expensive little dog to care for, and we need to give him the best chance possible at a great life with no need for a mobility cart. Our intrepid pair of horror story survivors are going to need vet care, alterations, shots and other care, and possibly additional treatment for the little girl’s ear issues.
If you can, please send a donation via the paypal link below, and we’ll promise to do our best to help all three of these Frenchies, who have overcome so much in such a short period of time. Additionally, we will have our new “Bee My Valentine” fund raiser starting tomorrow or by this weekend (I had said tonight, but I’ve gotten rather side tracked).

As always, we couldn’t do this without you.

An Update on Pierre

I know everyone has been waiting for an update on Pierre, the little Frenchie we brought over from Korea. We’re pleased to be able to share a note from Pierre’s new mom, Lucy.

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Come out Caledon and Meet Some Frenchies!

Mark November 26th down in your calendar, because you’ll be spending it at the Caledon Kennel Club Dog Show, cheering on the French Bulldogs!

Eastern Canada French Bulldog Club is holding a supported entry, in conjunction with the Caledon Kennel Club. This means we’ll be offering some fab prizes for the class winners, including trophies and some spiffy rosettes! Better still, every Frenchie entered will be getting a super little gift bag, courtesy of Pets 4 Life and Poochini’s Barkery!

Even if you are a total dog show novice, you can still come out and have a good time! We’ll have dog show guides ready to hang out with you at ring side and walk you through the procedures. Within no time, you’ll be bragging about how you can spot a great bitch at two hundred paces, and how your pick for puppy was the best of the day!

Be sure to bring some cash, because we’ll also be having a day long Raffle for Rescue! Buy tickets, and get chances to win one of the prizes on offer, ranging from a custom photography session to daycare to gorgeous collar and coats, all courtesy of our sponsors.

We need your stuff, so if you have something we can raffle for rescue, please contact us, at rescue@frenchbulldogscanada.com . Your donations are what allow us to help dogs like Ema, Pierre and Mi Sun, so please dig through all your stuff, and donate what you can! Items do not have to be Frenchie specific, or even canine specific!

Ideas for raffle items include:

– restaurant dinner coupons

– gift cards to stores

– Collectibles

– Artworks

– Clothing

– Gift baskets

– Tattoos

– anything else you can think of!

Select items will be available for an online raffle pre show, so get ready to do some shopping!

More details on the show, including an entry form, can be found here – http://www.caledondogs.com/showsandtrials.html#2011_Conformation_Shows


More details on our great prizes, including a sponsor’s list, coming this week.

Mi Sun in Korea Still Needs Your Help

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far to the Mi Sun’s airfare fund. We’re just over 1/3 of the way there. With time being so short for her at the Korean shelter, I’d like to be able to send them her airfare by the end of the week, rather than leave her sitting in the shelter for another month.

Please, please – even if you can’t donate, you can still help Mi Sun by spreading the word about her. Remember, supporting rescue doesn’t just involve giving money – you can also be a booster by spreading the word through Facebook or Twitter, or on email lists you subscribe to.

You can also donate items that we can raffle, or sell on eBay – and remember, they don’t even have to be French Bulldog or even dog themed. Anything we can raffle or auction off can help to raise funds for Mi Sun, and for other dogs like her! To donate an item for auction or raffle, please contact me by email, at rescue@frenchbulldogscanada.com

Let’s get Mi Sun out of Korea, and started on her new life!

Thank you to the following friends of Mi Sun – your donations are appreciated, and so is your support!

Alexis Roettinger
Richard Rockford
Richelle Walsh
Lauretta Meyer
Lauren Johnson
Maura Zimmerman
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Laura Grant
Ariane Krenichyn
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