In Breading Hurts Puppies

Sorry about the lack of blog posts – work schedules and other real life adventures have been keeping me from the keyboard. But, tomorrow you can expect an update on our favorite (hopefully not frequent!) flyer.

In the meantime, remember – in breading hurts puppies, especially if they have to ketchup with their littermates. Yeah, I’m not even sorry about that one.

Olive in Ontario wants to come live with you!

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Olive who?
Olive the love you could ever want from one little Frenchie Princess…. and she is now available for adoption!

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Pierre is coming to Canada!

I have been off line most of the day, because I seem to have angered the satellite internet Gods (again).

I got back on line about ten minutes ago, and thought “OK, I’d better go see how far we are from raising Pierre’s airfare, so I can decide how much groveling I have left to do”. And what do I see? We raised it. All of it. Since this morning.

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Help Bring Pierre the French Bulldog to Canada

Do you remember Pierre? He’s the homeless Korean French Bulldog who was left tied to a shelter gate, infested with heartworm and suffering in the heat.

We had a few people express interest in Pierre, but so far, no one has stepped up and said that they were willing to bring him over from Korea to adopt him. I knew that time was running out for Pierre – his foster parents are expatriates (as are almost all of the Animal Rescue Korea volunteers and foster homes), and they are leaving Korea in mid October. Sadly, they are unable to take Pierre with them, and with no other foster homes available, the only option will be to return him to the shelter he was originally rescued from.
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An Ending for Ella

In spite of all of our best wishes, Ella’s story did not have the happy ending we all were hoping for. Ella’s veterinarians rushed her into surgery late yesterday, once our fundraiser looked as if it was going to raise enough to fund her surgery.

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