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CFBR Puppy Mill Rescue – Live Blogging

I’ll be updating this post throughout the day, as news comes in from Mary and her team. When we get photos, I’ll add them after the cut, so that the front page will load faster.

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue’s French Bulldog Puppy Mill Updates:

Donate to help cover the veterinary expenses of the rescued dogs and their unborn puppies – click here for the PayPal link. CFBR is a 501(c)3 Charity.


6:24 EST

Just spoke to Mary. She asked me to clarify that four of the ten Frenchies rescued by CFBR were paid for by an anonymous east coast donor, who will also be taking responsibility for their veterinary care and expenses. CFBR won’t be fostering them, as they’re heading for a veterinary facility on the east coast.

(English) Bulldog Rescue update: Mary said that Bulldog rescue, with the help of CFBR, got out: 3 10 day old puppies and their mother; one bitch who had just miscarried; several other puppies; several other Bulldogs which had gone unsold at a nearby puppy mill auction. CFBR is trasporting them to the Bulldog rescue staging area.

Mary says that they are enroute to their own staging area, and that they are fine for supplies. They have loads of towels and blankets, but trust me – anyone bringing coffee, donuts or snacks will be greeted with open arms 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that these dogs are in much better shape than we had feared. They are friendly and well fed, and seem to be refreshingly free of any immediately apparent health issues. They’ll be screened as soon as possible for heartworm or other parasites, and will be given whatever meds and parasite controls possibly (considering that half of them are pregnant).

I will post more updates in the morning as they come in. Mary tells me that they’ll probably be on the road until 1 am or so, after which she still has to get dogs settled, fed and exercised, and then check her mail and messages. So, if you’ve contacted her, be patient waiting for a response!

If you’ve contacted her offering to foster, she’ll attempt to reach you sometime in the morning.


4:14 PM EST

OK, facebook and blogosphere – I’m taking a break for an hour to play w my own puppies and to feed my dogs. I’ll check back in later w any news and updates. Happy Frenchie Freedom Friday! I vote that the girl who has her birthday today is named “Freedom” – how about you?


12:45 EST

Phone update from Mary.

For anyone who has been asking, this farm is DEFINITELY out of business. Everything is being sold today, including the farm property itself.  The owners are out of money, and stated that there was enough food left for the dogs for one more day.

Here are the totals of what Mary and her team were able to get, with your help:

They were able to purchase ten of the fifteen French Bulldogs for sale, four of which were paid for by an anonymous donor from the east coast, who will be looking after their vet care and other expenses.


Pregnant Female 1 – Fawn

Born 9/8/09, Due 04/17

Pregnant Female 2 – fawn and white

Born 11/2/06, Due 05/01

Pregnant Female 3 – brindle and white

Born 08/06/07, bred, not sure of due date

Pregnant Female 4 – NINE year old Cream

Born 09/23/02, due 04/26 (touted as having ‘lots of litters left in her’)

Pregnant Female 5 – EIGHT year old Cream

Born 07/03/03, Due March 15

Pregnant Female 6 – Fawn, barely one year old

One year old today, and due 03/08

Female 7 – fawn and white

Female 8 – white and fawn

Female 9 – brindle and white

Male – brindle and white


They aren’t sure yet how many Bulldogs made it out, as the sale was still going on as Mary and I were speaking. Mary says that the other buyers were Amish, and that they are PISSED that Mary’s team got the pregnant girls out.

URGENT – this is WAY more pregnant females than was expected. Experienced breeder foster homes willing to whelp and rear litters are desperately needed. Please contact Mary at tushay2mm@msn.com if you can help. C Section and vetting costs are going to be astronomical, so please donate if you can.


9:42 AM (20 minutes ago)

Mary just checked in and the caravan is approx 20 minutes from the auction site. Cell phones are spotty at best down there in the mountains! Everyone, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers that they get all of the Frenchies OUT and they themselves are safe!


Update: 3:06 pm

First photos – after the cut.

First photos – the east coast four, rescued by CFBR on behalf of an anonymous donor who will taking responsibility for their care and veterinary expenses.

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    • Julia Hooten
      Julia Hooten says:

      We are going to come out tomorrow to Frankfort to help out. What can we bring to help? Leashes, blankets?

      • frogdogz
        frogdogz says:

        You’d have to ask Mary, but my suggestions:

        Paper towels (you can’t ever have too many of these)
        Spray cleaner that’s pet friendly
        Clean cloth towels
        Thick Baby Wipes
        FOOD for volunteers
        Cookies/treats for dogs
        Leashes (all in ones are best)

        Dollar store shopping list:

        stainless steel bowls
        spray cleaner
        leashes and collars
        baby wipes
        snacks for human volunteers

      • tracey
        tracey says:

        i just sent mary a message we can help, i have frenchie whelping experience, i have two frenchies at home and would love to help, im glad you got them out of there!!!!!

  1. tetsuo
    tetsuo says:

    Yay! Big thank yous to all the rescuers who saved these poor dogs!! I wish I knew more about puppy care so I could help more. I did donate, though.

  2. Debra Bopp
    Debra Bopp says:

    I’m so thankful you got the preggies out of the hands of the Amish bidders! I don’t have alot of experience but did raise a few litters of Boston Terriers alot of years back and would be glad to help with one of the pregnant females if you need me. Keep safe and thank you for all your work!!!

  3. Analisa
    Analisa says:

    Dear God,

    The police should be there to force these monsters to relinquish the dogs to rescues.

    Thank you so much for saving the ones you could and I pray for the ones who didnt get saved.


  4. Lawren
    Lawren says:

    Thank you!!!! So glad the pregnant gals went to rescue!!!!! Having a former puppy mill mama Frenchie laying at my feet this really hits home. Glad to see these pics at least look like the dogs are in much better shape than my gal was when she was sprung!
    Thanks again!!!!!!

  5. alex
    alex says:

    thank you Mary and Team, and I am praying for the poor few who had to go back into the mills. this was a wonderful rescue and thanks for being so brave and such a hero

  6. Merri Ann
    Merri Ann says:

    I know Mary had bowls and collars and leashes. They said they had something like 70 towels. These dogs do not look horrible from the photos posted thus far. I am actually thinking that they are SAYING that they are pregnant to up the asking price, but may not actually have been bred, or if they were bred may not be pregnant. Only time will tell. I can see from the photos that the 9 year old fawn bitch is indeed pregnant. Bless all you guys out there in the trenches, and those at home watching this unfold and to all of the marvelous generous contributers to this venture.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      The 1 year old bitch is due any day now… she’s enroute to a vet clinic to get checked out. Actually, she’s probably there as we speak (as we type?)

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      These are the four bitches who were rescued by an anonymous donor. The girl with the wonky ears is the pregnant one year old – pregnant puppy, really.

      The nine year was the one advertised as being pregnant – the other pregnancies were added ‘surprise’ bonuses the owner announced at the auction.

  7. michelle tippets
    michelle tippets says:

    Where is the chip in link for the medical care? I would like to post it and send to friends not on fb. Thanks

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Everybody gets their vet checks tomorrow or in the next few days – I think they’ll likely go by whatever the vets suggest for them.

      I’m pretty much just ‘rescue tech support’ – any questions of their care or disposition are in the hands of CFBR.

      Also, this means emails to me about adopting unborn puppies are being sent to the wrong person.

  8. Kim
    Kim says:

    Yay… glad to hear you rescued as many as you could. I must say I am shocked that the Amish were there bidding! They just don’t seem as innocent as they make themselves out to be 🙁

    • Jan
      Jan says:

      The Amish run a great many of the puppy mills….very sad. Thank you to the volunteers. I know it is not a pleasant experience that will haunt you for a long time, but there is a huge reward.

    • Merri Ann
      Merri Ann says:

      Amish are ruthless farmers. You need to do some research on the subject. You will be absolutely shocked at what you find out. These dogs are nothing but livestock. When they no longer produce they are put down…..hammer is the least expensive. Ever hear of an AMISH BROKE horse? It is broke indeed. At one of the auctions the little amish kids were grabbing the dogs by the back legs and slinging them up into the carts or crates.

    • Donna
      Donna says:

      Merri Ann is correct, the Amish are ruthless. Ruthless to animals, ruthless to their children, ruthless to their wives. They conduct home c-sections on their animals (cut them open without any anesthetia or medical experience). Then when they are done with them, kill them. Many times the bodies are “composted” by putting them out in the fields. Boycott ANYTHING Amish. Look into where your grocery store sources their organic veggies or milk. If they get it from Amish tell them you will NOT buy from them.

  9. anna
    anna says:

    Does anyone know which english bulldog rescue they will be going to? I would like to make a donation to them as well, if anyone happens to know.

    • Donna
      Donna says:

      Yes, can you please post info for Bulldog rescue. I’ve posted to different chat lists and meetups and many people who have Frenchies also have Bulldogs or friends with Bulldogs who would like to donate

  10. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    I recently spoke with Mary and she has asked me to let everyone know that as much as we appreciate you wanting to bring something to Frankfort tomorrow, we nned NOTHING. She has beds, bowls, food, collars, leashes, towels…and on and on.

    To make a donation you can do it on our website.


    Shelly Miller
    Special Events Coordinator

  11. Meghan Williams
    Meghan Williams says:

    The rescuers are angels! I am glad to hear that these dogs were not in as bad of condition as expected. Please continue to share links where we can donate for vet care?
    Thank you.

  12. Dee
    Dee says:

    Congratulations on the rescue! I’m going to donate but I wanted to ask you if you need collars for them? I have a collar shop and would be happy to make them some special collars.

    Do you know where the east coast dogs are going? I’m in NJ and interested in possibly applying for one of the adults.


  13. judi
    judi says:

    Thank you everyone. I am grateful that we live in a world with such generous, loving people. For me to donate $100 was a big deal. Therefore…please send more info re: what our dollars helped to do, helped to save, etc. What is going to happen to these almost born puppies. I was fairly disturbed at the post which suggested they be aborted when the bitch was spayed. What’s up with that???

    • Tracey
      Tracey says:

      Judi, I totally agree with you..I work at a vets office & we WOULD NEVER abort — we would spay after doing a C-Section and SAVING the pups, but never never never abort a bitch’s pups unless they or she were is danger.

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Judi, that bitches who are pregnant will be cared for by experienced breeders who will whelp the litters and raise the puppies until they’re ready to be adopted.

  14. H. Houlahan
    H. Houlahan says:

    I thought I was clear that I was asking whether the bitches that are *just bred* would be spayed immediately.

    Thus sparing some old bitches the stress and danger of yet another pregnancy, one more caesarian-section, and nursing. Not to mention the four-month delay in freeing up the bitch for adoption.

    • Tracey
      Tracey says:

      if they are in danger and life is threatened is a different story..life is too precious to just discard the fetuses out of convenience…4 month delay in adoption? so?

    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Right now, they’re still confirming who is or who isn’t pregnant. The vets treating the dogs will recommend what’s best for each bitch, whether it’s a spay/abortion or seeing the gestation through. It be on a case by case basis, from what I understand.

  15. Dee
    Dee says:

    Hi there: Happy to donate! How can I apply to adopt and adult and or pup?

    Thanks for helping these dogs!

  16. Kathy Miranda
    Kathy Miranda says:

    The health and well being of the FRENCHIES we RESCUED are our number one priority. We trust our vet explicitly and spays and neuters are being done on all of the dogs based on their Medical and Mental health at this time. We did NOT get the pregnant dogs out of a puppy mill to make money on puppies as a couple may have suggested! We got them out to save them from what would be certain death at the hands of the Amish and Mennonites, who were determined to get them! The face of the one female we could not get and an amish miller did, will haunt me forever. When he put her in a closed trailer with no ventalation with all the equipment he also bought had me shaking with such rage that my husband held me back and said “Think of the ones you saved today” I’m still crying and shaking about that little one and probably will forever! I know we can’t save them all….but I know I will spend the rest of my life trying to save as many as I can!

  17. RH
    RH says:

    I am not experienced with whelping, but I am an available foster home if you need me. I foster with a Frenchie rescue now & I live on the East Coast.
    And THANK YOU for getting those babies out of there. I can’t even imagine what life is like for them.

  18. Kim
    Kim says:

    Has anyone ever attempted to go into the Amish community and persuade them to give up the dogs for adoption once they believe they are useless? Or, put up ads? I can tell you after finding out that they run puppy mills, I will never go into a Dutch market again or buy from them. Has this ever been broadcasted by the media?

  19. ashley
    ashley says:

    Hi I am very interested in the puppies I can adopt a puppy I can volunteer if necessary I can also donate dog supplies please let me know if there is anymore dogs and if help is necessary. -Ashley

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