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Friday Fun – Taking Your Medicine

I’m traveling for work, so I’m rather behind on my blogging, and on a ton of other projects I need to get finished (cough:calendar:cough).

In the meantime, here’s a Boxer puppy who is unthrilled with taking his medicine. Funny, I think I make that same face when I take Buckley’s.

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  1. Christopher@BorderWars
    Christopher@BorderWars says:

    Hey FrogDogz, I saw your comment about McCaig over on Lassie Get help. compare that with what he said over on Retrieverman:

    Health? I’ve been at this for a quarter century. Last week I spent more money than I should on a 4 year old bitch whose pedigree I didn’t ask, nor did I inquire about any genetic testing. I’d seen her work and the breed is so healthy buying without tests is usual.

    I’ll also note that he said that Wiston Cap was free of disease, and we know that he was a carrier for CEA (did a post on this).

    So be wary of nice things said for public consumption. Deeds are more interesting than words.


    • frogdogz
      frogdogz says:

      Well, that’s strange. If you google his book, you can find the chapter I’m referring. I guess he’s changed his mind on health testing. Or something.

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