Friday Fun – Taking Your Medicine

I’m traveling for work, so I’m rather behind on my blogging, and on a ton of other projects I need to get finished (cough:calendar:cough).

In the meantime, here’s a Boxer puppy who is unthrilled with taking his medicine. Funny, I think I make that same face when I take Buckley’s.

Delilah Pup Video Debut – and attack of the killer Pickle!

Delilah’s puppies, in their very first video appearance.

See it after the cut, or on YouTube.

btw, music is “Elle Panique“, by Olivia Ruiz.

ps: added secret bonus video!

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Frenchie Puppies’ First Meal – Video Version

Such cuties at this age…

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the pups are eating Pets 4 Life Lamb raw dog food. It’s mixed with warm goat milk into the consistency of oatmeal, and then put down for the pups to lap up.

Weaning puppies onto raw is actually quite easy, although I do still feed them one meal per day of kibble. I do this so that they’ll be accustomed to eating it, in case any of their new families prefer not to feed raw. I might change that in the future, however.

Video below the cut.

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