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Just when you think Doodles Couldn't Get Weirder…

( for Jan, of Poodle and Dog Blog)

Cockadoodles, GoldenDoodles, WeinerDoodles, Masti-Doodles, FrogADoodles – seems there’s no breed of dog that just wouldn’t be better with a little bit of Doodle added to it. A Doodle, for those who don’t know, is just about any type of poodle cross. The portion of Poodle in your Doodle might vary, but it’s in there – and that, apparently, is what makes it ‘rare’.

Just when you think Doodle crosses couldn’t possibly get any weirder, we proudly present the MyLittleDoodle – a dog for the newish millenium.

From caninehorizons.com

The rare and much desired PonyDoodle - order yours today!

The rare and much desired PonyDoodle - order yours today!

With the recent tremendous marketing of Poodle crosses, we thought a cross that had unique qualities not already found in the Poodle made more sense.

After long hours in the lab tinkering with the DNA, we have created a “doodle” which does not lessen the original.

(Note: A couple of “My Little Pony” toys accidentally fell in the gene splicer, hence the neon-pink hair.)

In addition to the traits of the Poodle, the Ponydoodle can be ridden by small children, mow your lawn, and can be maintained on either a meat-based diet or on hay and grain — thereby cutting the cost of feed.


Our Ponydoodles are between 21-24 inches tall. They have great dispositions and are patient with small children. They are highly intelligent, learn quickly, and are eager to please.

Ponydoodles are athletic and excel in such events as jumping, driving, obstacles, halter, and “liberty” classes (where the Ponydoodle is turned loose in a ring to perform to music).

Being somewhat stronger swimmers than their Poodle counterparts (occasionally wild Ponydoodles have been seen swimming the bay between Chincoteague and Assateague), Ponydoodles have also done remarkably well in duck retrieving trials.

Best of all, after a day in the pasture or working in the performance ring, Ponydoodles can curl up beside you on the sofa to watch T.V.

Read the rest on the Canine Horizons site – http://www.caninehorizons.com/The_Ponydoodle.html

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  1. jan
    jan says:

    With this genetic breakthrough we can soon expect Monkeydoodles, Liondoodles, Rhinodoodles, Eledoodles. Our goal: a Poodle in every mammal gene pool.

    jan’s last blog post..PUG PANTIES

  2. Rinpu
    Rinpu says:

    “Being somewhat stronger swimmers than their Poodle counterparts…Ponydoodles have also done remarkably well in duck retrieving trials.”

    Huh? Poodles are already water retrievers, and they’re already succeeding in field trials. :/

    On a related note, I’ve encountered a Doberdoodle and a Pitdoodle. I haven’t a clue if they were deliberately bred or just accidents. Both looked almost exactly like labradoodles.

    For sheer bizarreness factor, I vote for a Danedoodle!

  3. Judith
    Judith says:

    Why I love Doodles and Poos. We have just had a particularly draconian bit of legislation proposed “from the outside.” It’s easy for dog breeders to look horribly elitist to the rest of the world. I think the Doodle breeders bring it down to the level of trying to breed a dog that someone will enjoy living with. As a matter of fact, at my breed club meeting, every time someone says something like, “How could someone spend that ridiculous amount of money of a crossbred?” I look fondly at my Doberman, who is herself a designer dog of about a hundred years back, and think about what limiting the gene pool has done to her life expectancy. If you have a dog and you love it and make it’s life interesting (not in the Chinese curse sense), I don’t care what the details are.

  4. Emily~ DreamEyce
    Emily~ DreamEyce says:

    Judith, If the Poo, Doo, Shih, etc fad cross breeders were health testing, titling (Working), and standing behind the puppies they sell like responsible purebred breeders do, I think that more people, such as myself, would be more accepting of their cross-breeding programs.

    Until there’s Doo, Poo, mutt-a-loo breeders who’re breeding for better dogs, and not just peddling dogs for a few nice checks, they’re frauds to me.

    While the Dobies today may be pretty problem-pron (Bred often for pheno-type, and not general quality), and were bred originally, as crossbreds to suit a purpose other breeds didn’t fit (Which is also how most purebreds came about), they actually survived a purpose at those times, and had to prove even then somehow, they were breeding quality, and also, worth living (Most working prospects who didn’t turn out, were simply culled in those times, rather than wasting resources, or being allowed to produce before altering was common)

    There are breeders who are generally accepted in dogs, who do breed crossbreds. Lurchers are one common cross that comes to mind, where many of the breeders do title, work, and health test their dogs. There are also some ‘Labradoodle’ breeders who’re breeding for set phenotype, and health, who do health test *BUT*, those are the rarity, and not the problem.

    LMO of course, and other fans of purebreds will agree, or disagree with these opinions on crossbreeding *G*

    Emily~ DreamEyce’s last blog post..Crazy, wild, and adorable Kitten-thing

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